Pumpkin Field at Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Formerly a wine-producing factory, Huashan 1914 Creative Park today is a major creative arts hub in Taipei, with cultural activities like exhibitions and outdoor concerts.

Since the cultural precinct is a favourite hangout of young people and families, it became the perfect venue for the HKTB’s Hong Kong Halloween Treats promotion. From late September to early October 2013, 60 pumpkin installations, large and small, were scattered on the lawn of the park, creating an amazing sight, especially in the evening when they were lit up. In only one week, the pumpkin field attracted over 260,000 visitors.

Complementing the static pumpkin field, the Halloween Treats’ iconic pumpkin mascot led flash mobs to major MRT stations, shopping malls, Eslite bookstores and landmarks to arouse curiosity. The HKTB’s Facebook page was also filled with posts on Hong Kong Halloween Treats during the promotion period to drum up publicity for both the pumpkin field and Hong Kong.


In Taiwan, the HKTB’s promotions are closely tied with its mega events, particularly those that appeal to young people and families.

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