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  • © Femina

Southeast Asia

Celebrities Promoted Summer in Hong Kong

The HKTB invited young, energetic bloggers, actresses, TV hosts and other lifestyle icons to take part in the “2013 Visa go Hong Kong Super Shopper” for a reason: to entice young people with Hong Kong’s hip lifestyle and trendy offerings.

The HKTB’s major summer promotion in Southeast Asia in 2013/14 tied in with the shopping contest, the tour de force of its Hong Kong Summer Spectacular campaign. In Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia, young celebrities were invited to pair up with one of their fans to take part in the Hong Kong Super Shopper competition. To generate pre-publicity, the HKTB partnered with media organisations based in these five markets to recruit the fan contestants.

The HKTB also took care of other visitor segments. In Malaysia, where two-thirds of the population is Muslim, the HKTB invited Aaron Aziz, a top actor in Malaysia and also a devoted Muslim, to visit Hong Kong and develop four Muslim-friendly itineraries. And in Indonesia, where an estimated 23 million people are native speakers of Bahasa Indonesia, the HKTB published a Hong Kong guidebook written in the Indonesian language, and distributed it through Femina, a leading Indonesian women’s magazine.


Families and young people are two key visitor segments for the HKTB in Southeast Asia. Many of its promotions are therefore strategically rolled out to drive arrivals in summer and winter.