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Great Outdoors

Hikes (and Bikes) & the City

Ask any expats in Hong Kong and they will tell you Hong Kong reigns supreme as a city for hiking. In fact, many visitors, especially those from the long-haul markets and Japan, travel to Hong Kong simply to enjoy its breathtaking natural scenery. This probably means the HKTB has been doing a good job with its “Great Outdoors Hong Kong” campaign, which it has organised since 2009.

Initially, the campaign focused on providing guided tours to some of the city’s popular hiking trails. In 2013, a guided cycling tour was introduced to enrich the offerings.

Though Hong Kong is known worldwide as a densely populated, skyscraper-dominated city, the largest part of it – three quarters of its land area to be precise – is covered by countryside. And the best part of this is that many of the unspoilt country parks and pristine beaches are only a short ride away from the city centre.

  • Ten guided hikes and four guided cycling tours from Nov 2013-Feb 2014
  • A new guidebook on hiking and cycling trails, island walks and the Geopark for FITs