Destination Branding

Hong Kong • Asia’s World City

A brand is more than a logo; it has a personality, it conveys a lifestyle, it projects experiences, and it makes promises. When the HKTB adopted “Hong Kong • Asia’s world city” as the destination brand of Hong Kong, it wanted to synergise with the Government’s city branding effort and create a brand name that allows travellers to know what to expect when they hear it.

After consolidating its branding effort with the revamp of and the launch of the entire Asia’s world city TV commercial series in 2012/13, the HKTB implemented the brand across all market promotions, projects and campaigns.

As the HKTB continued to promote the diverse tourism offerings of Hong Kong, it showcased the city’s strengths in three specific areas under the “Asia’s world city” brand umbrella: mega events, MICE tourism and cruise tourism, with the themes “Asia’s events capital”, “World’s meeting place” and “Asia’s cruise hub”, respectively, demonstrating Hong Kong’s all-round attractiveness as a travel destination.



The happy@hongkong videos were also broadcast on YouTube and other online channels. It was viewed:

  • 5.4 million times in Mainland China;
  • 2.5 million times in Taiwan; and
  • 8.8 million times in Southeast Asia

Travelling opens our eyes to other cultures, which are, after all, about people. Perhaps what is priceless about tourism is the human interaction and exchange it facilitates. To this end, in the summer of 2013, the HKTB launched a campaign, called happy@hongkong, to promote friendly interaction between the local people and visitors. The campaign’s primary tool was a series of TV commercials which demonstrated how a friendly gesture could warm hearts and even lead to friendships. It was also supported by bus advertising, tram advertising, advertising at major ports-of-entry, and in-town posters.