Chinese New Year Celebrations

The Biggest & the Best

There are Chinese New Year celebrations all over the world, but Forbes picked Hong Kong’s as one of the 10 best events in 2011, alongside Munich’s Oktoberfest and Rio’s Carnival.

The choice wasn’t surprising because Hong Kong’s annual Chinese New Year celebrations are probably the biggest and the most fanciful anywhere in the world. A few days before the festival, traditional flower markets spring up in different districts, and when the New Year finally arrives, the city celebrates it with a large-scale fireworks display, a special horseracing event, and the Cathay Pacific International Chinese New Year Night Parade by the HKTB, which turns Tsim Sha Tsui into one big party area.

After a whirlwind of festive activities within just a few days, visitors still have time to enjoy other equally splendid Hong Kong features, like a potpourri of world-class cuisines and shopping – and that is the best thing about spending Chinese New Year in Hong Kong.

  • The 2014 parade – 13 floats, 21 performing troupes, 3,000 performers
  • 150,000 spectators, over half of whom were visitors