Mainland China

Taste of Hong Kong Exhibition

What happens when you combine dining and technology? In the HKTB’s case, it stimulated visitors’ imagination, creating a desire to try “the real thing” in Hong Kong.

In early 2014, the HKTB staged “Taste of Hong Kong” exhibitions in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Xiamen. The consumer-oriented exhibitions, interactive in nature, consisted of four sections: a simulated dining experience, featuring the winning dishes from the Best of the Best Culinary Awards, a mock-up of a cha chan teng corner, a dim sum exhibit, made from ceramics by Taiwanese artist Chu Fang Yi, and screenings of documentaries about four traditional dishes, namely congee, rice noodles, noodles and rice.

In addition to tempting consumers with virtual delicacies, the HKTB introduced an award element with a lucky draw: the exhibition visitors who showed they were following the HKTB on social media platforms Weibo and Weixin on their smart phones could receive scratch cards for a chance to win prizes, including a cruise trip, return flights to Hong Kong, free hotel accommodation, and souvenirs.



One exhibition, four cities, 263,818 visitors, over 41 million RMB in publicity value.

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