Promoting Hong Kong’s Art Scene

French people are known for their love for the finer things in life. Catering for their refined tastes, the HKTB invited major TV and print media to showcase Hong Kong’s thriving art scene to their viewers and readers throughout the year.

Through pitching by the HKTB, Valeurs Actuelles, a conservative magazine with almost 200,000 readers and subscribers, published a spread on Hong Kong’s edge as an arts hub in Asia, with a focus on galleries in Central and other major arts facilities, such as the Hong Kong Arts Centre. Design magazine IDEAT did a substantial feature story titled “Hong Kong plateforme de la creation”, portraying Hong Kong’s creative energy through extensive reporting on the arts scene and glossy images of trendy faces and places. And TV5 produced a programme on art and French influences in Hong Kong, including a special interview with Dr Lars Nittve, chief of M+, West Kowloon Cultural District Authority.


The HKTB raises Hong Kong’s profile in France mainly through the media. It also showcases Hong Kong’s food culture and living culture through the Bordeaux Wine Festival, the world’s best-known culinary and cultural festival, held every other year.