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The Quality Tourism Services (QTS) Scheme makes it easy for you to find retail shops, restaurants and visitor accommodation that you can trust.


Under the scheme administered by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), QTS Scheme accredited establishments must pass stringent annual assessments showing that they meet high standards of product quality and service. This means they must:


• Provide clearly displayed prices

• Display clear product information

• Ensure superb customer service.


The HKTB has commissioned the Hong Kong Productivity Council as its QTS Scheme consultant responsible for conducting the assessments and mid-year surveillance visits of the shopping and dining merchants as well as visitor accommodation premises.


Search QTS Scheme merchants below and see the latest additions in the lists of new QTS Scheme Restaurants and new QTS Scheme Retail Shops.




In addition, specially designed decals have been designed for merchants who’ve been accredited for 10, 15 and 20 consecutive years respectively.

The HKTB also provides assistance for enquiries about retail shops, restaurants and visitor accommodation accredited by the QTS Scheme. Please call the HKTB Visitor Hotline on +852 2508 1234 for assistance.

QTS Awards

The Outstanding QTS Merchant & Service Staff Awards recognise Quality Tourism Services-accredited retailers and restaurants for their continued excellent performance and customer service. 



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