• In view of the Government’s announcement that large-scale events will be cancelled for 14 days from 7 January, the Hong Kong Cyclothon, originally scheduled for 16 January, will be cancelled. Participants will be informed of the latest arrangements. The Hong Kong Tourism Board will closely monitor the situation and decide on a future event date. 

  • Taking a prudent approach in light of the latest pandemic development, the registration of 'Spend-to-Redeem Local Tours' has been postponed until further notice. Click here for details.

  • Your well-being and safety is our priority. Find tips on staying healthy and get the latest updates on travel advisories

Speak now

Speak now

I’m Sorry. I didn’t get that.

I’m Sorry. I didn’t get that.


Peak tram

The Peak Tram service is currently suspended for an upgrade project. For more details, please check the official website.

Big Buddha

The Big Buddha is currently undergoing renovations. The lower part of the Big Buddha statue is covered and the areas in the vicinity of the Big Buddha statue will be closed during the maintenance period. All religious ceremonies and events will continue as usual, please check the official website before you visit.

Department of Health’s website

For travel health advice on preventing pneumonia and respiratory tract infection, please visit Department of Health’s website. Should visitors need assistance, please call our Visitor Hotline: + 852 2508 1234 (9am to 9pm)

Central–Mid-Levels Escalator

Refurbishment works on the Central–Mid-Levels Escalator will be carried out in phases between 2018 and 2022. Pedestrians can continue to use the staircases and walkways next to the escalator to travel to nearby areas.

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