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A coastal playground on the northwest

Located far from the madding crowds in northwest Hong Kong’s New Territories, much of Tuen Mun District’s appeal lies in its bucolic coastal surrounds. Set by the mouth of the Pearl River and surrounded by the mountains of Castle Peak and Tai Lam, the area’s coastline and natural resources led to its early prominence as a fishing and farming town. During the Qing dynasty (1636-1912), its residents were mostly boat-dwelling Tanka fishermen.

In the 1960s, the government began developing Tuen Mun into a first generation “new town”, designed to accommodate the city’s booming population with enough housing, industry and community facilities to create thriving, self-contained neighbourhoods.

The arrival of MTR’s Tuen Ma Line further cemented the area’s transformation from scattered rural communities into a buzzing urban town. It also meant that local attractions — including popular day-trip destination Gold Coast, complete with artificial beach and waterfront dining options — became all the more accessible.

Other foodie spots have emerged too, with everything from a famed roasted pig eatery to a local apiary to satisfy all manner of appetites, and should you wish, you can cook your own lunch or dinner at the many barbecue sites found at the area’s scenic beaches and near hiking trails.

Away from the new developments, Tuen Mun’s natural beauty shines, and thanks to public transport, they’re easier to reach than ever. Visitors will find plenty to fall in love with in Tam Lam Country Park’s endless hills, and the half-dozen beautiful beaches that stretch across the district’s coastline, which boast the kind of panoramic views and serenity that you won’t find in the city.

  • Take a leisurely stroll around the Gold Coast, an all-in-one resort-like seaside destination.

  • Hit the Tuen Mun Trail, snapping photos of the two tranquil reservoirs you’ll pass along the way.

  • Soak up serene green and water views from Tai Lam Chung Reservoir, aka Thousand Islands Lake.

  • Relax on Butterfly Beach and barbecue under the stars.

  • Pick your fish at Sam Shing Hui Seafood Market, then have it cooked at one of the nearby eateries.

  • Enjoy roasted pig, cooked in traditional underground stone ovens at Red Seasons restaurant.

Experiences in Tuen Mun

Nearby neighbourhoods

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