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Sai Kung - insiders' favourites

LUXE City Guides
  • Written by LUXE City Guides, Images by Calvin Sit
Sai Kung - Insiders' Favourites

Sai Kung may be famous for its hiking routes and beaches, but there’s also so much more in between. Explore Sai Kung’s rural heritage and indulge in contemporary delicacies.

Here are some of our top picks.

Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark

Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark Get me there {{title}} {{taRatingReviewTotal}} {{taRatingReviewText}} Address {{address}} Website {{website}} More info

This 150-square-kilometre area is home to some of Hong Kong's most stunning geological features. Many sites are spread out over two distinct regions: the sedimentary rock region in the northeast New Territories, and the volcanic rock region in Sai Kung, which is home to unique honeycomb-shaped acidic volcanic rock columns, formed by volcanic eruptions some 140 million years ago. There is also a multitude of beaches, islands, sea caves and even tombolos to explore.

Yim Tin Tsai

Yim Tin Tsai

A short, 15-minute boat ride away from Sai Kung is Yim Tin Tsai Get me there {{title}} {{taRatingReviewTotal}} {{taRatingReviewText}} Address {{address}} Website {{website}} More info island. Originally the home of salt farmers, the island’s village was abandoned during the 1990s when the industry began to decline. Although Yim Tin Tsai’s residents have departed, they have left behind their fish ponds and village houses, most of them still filled with personal belongings. A path runs around the island, making exploring easy. Meanwhile, St Joseph’s Chapel — a beautiful, Romanesque building that is listed as a Grade III historic building — offers a picturesque photo opportunity.



Locals and visitors alike agree that if you are going to Sai Kung, then a meal at One-Thirtyone Get me there {{title}} {{taRatingReviewTotal}} {{taRatingReviewText}} Address {{address}} Website {{website}} More info restaurant should be high on your list. Contemporary French and Mediterranean fare is served in an elegant yet cosy three-storey village house tucked into Three Fathoms Cove, with intimate surrounds indoors and a lawn and terrace with gorgeous sea views outside. The delicious four or six-course set menu changes monthly and much of it is created from ingredients picked directly from the restaurant garden.

Sheung Yiu Folk Museum

Originally a Hakka village built in the 19th century, the Sheung Yiu Folk Museum was opened as a museum in 1984. The 500-square-metre declared monument is situated in Sai Kung Country Park along the scenic Pak Tam Chung Country Trail, and is filled with architecture typical of Hakka clans living during that time, including whitewashed homes, lime kilns and a watchtower to look out for pirates. There are typical Hakka furnishings, farming implements and clothing to look at, as well.

Sai Kung Cafe & Bakery

Sai Kung Cafe & Bakery Get me there {{title}} {{taRatingReviewTotal}} {{taRatingReviewText}} Address {{address}} Website {{website}} More info

This hole-in-the-wall cafe might not look like much, but it dishes an array of local snacks and baked goods fresh out of the oven. Situated right on the waterfront, it’s also an excellent place to rest and refuel after a walk along the pier. Their Portuguese egg tarts and pineapple buns (a soft, sweet bun topped with a crunchy, sugary crust) are some of the best in town, and go perfectly with Hong Kong-style milk tea. Savoury fare such as macaroni soup is also available.

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