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Halal food in Hong Kong: places to visit when you’re hungry

  • Written by Halalzilla
Halal food in Hong Kong

Besides the sights and sounds, Hong Kong is a foodie’s heaven for Muslim travellers, with proper halal certification available. From local Cantonese to Middle Eastern cuisine, Muslims who explore this great city will be spoilt for choice on where to have their next meal. To make that choice easier, here are our top recommendations in some of the city’s most popular areas.


Hong Kong Observation Wheel

Skyscrapers, shopping malls and luxury hotels tower over you as you walk along the streets here. To escape all the excitement of the city, take the Peak Tram  to Victoria Peak and enjoy the breathtaking skyline and sea views of Hong Kong. Alternatively, enjoy a different view of this city from the Hong Kong Observation Wheel.

Central-Mid-Levels Escalator

Next, ride the Central-Mid-Levels Escalator, the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world! Apart from serving as a unique mode of transportation, the system is also a tourist attraction, lined with restaurants, bars and shops. Later, get some shopping done at the Western Market  where you can find arts and crafts being sold, with fabric merchants scattered around too. Visit the Jamia Mosque  if you need to catch your prayers.

27 Kebab House [halal-certified]

Kebabs are quintessential to halal travel as it is the easiest and safest option abroad. Kebab House serves up simple Middle Eastern food such as kebabs, pizza, biryani and curry. Their generous serving and affordability make it a great budget-friendly option. 27 Kebab House has several other locations including the Tsim Sha Tsui area.

Bombay Dreams

Bombay Dreams [Halal-certified]

Photo credit: Bombay Dreams

Bombay Dreams will make your dreams of Indian fine dining come true. The food is prepared by chefs hailing from India which ensures its authenticity. For hungry Muslim travellers with huge appetites, you should dine during lunch for their extensive buffet spread filled with an array of curry and sweet desserts.

Jashan Celebrating Indian Cuisine [halal-certified]

Widely known for being one of the best Indian restaurants in Hong Kong, Jashan serves up contemporary Indian cuisine. The dynamic and talented chefs behind Jashan cook up a variety of Indian fusion flavours including their signature dish Bombay tawa chicken, butter chicken and mirchi kebab. Regular customers always compliment their consistency of quality food and the warm hospitality.

Happy Cow [vegan]

Happy Cow

Happy Cow’s ice cream and milkshakes are the perfect dessert when you are exploring the Hong Kong Observation Wheel! Their unique flavours range from local favourite ying yang sesame to banana caramel swirl. All their dairy-free goodness is halal-certified and made from coconut cream and organic coconut sugar.

Wan Chai and Causeway Bay

Wan Chai and Causeway Bay

Not far from the Central area, Wan Chai and Causeway Bay are the commercial parts of Hong Kong. Remember to snap a photo of the UNESCO award-winning Blue House  or join a free guided tour of the area. You can catch the daily ceremonial flag-raising and singing of the national anthem by local police officers at Golden Bauhinia Square or snap a picture of the Bauhinia, the emblem of Hong Kong.

Expand your cultural experience by visiting the Hong Kong Arts Centre where you can view the contemporary works of local artists. You can also take a stroll in Victoria Park for some fresh air and a break from the frenzy of the city.

Islamic Centre Canteen [halal-certificate]

Islamic Centre Canteen

A trip to Islamic Centre Canteen is a must as it serves up some of the best halal dim sum in Hong Kong. Be sure to come early as they only serve dim sum till 3pm daily! Favourite steamed dumplings such as sui mai and har gau are definitely a must try, while their fried dumplings like the shrimp wonton are recommended for those looking for some crunch. Conveniently located in a mosque, this place is perfect for Muslim travellers who wish to catch up on their prayers.

Wai Kee [Muslim-owned]

Wai Kee

Popular for their roasted duck rice, Wai Kee is a household name among the halal eateries in Hong Kong. Their marinated crispy duck skin is enough to make you salivate! If you are travelling in a group, it is highly recommended to order the side dishes with your duck rice. Alternatively, savour other crowd pleasers such as their wonton noodles, the signature mutton curry rice and soy sauce chicken rice.

Aladin Mess [halal-certified]

Aladin Mess’ extensive menu ranges from Indian curries to barbequed meat. Located right in the heart of the city, this eatery serves up fragrant basmati rice, heavenly naan bread and crispy poppadoms. You can also expect a variety of curries with both meat and seafood options. Be sure to try their crispy naan and the brisket masala, a great mix of spices to comfort your tummy after a long day of walking.

Jojo Indian Cuisine [halal-certified]

Jojo’s is a stalwart in the Hong Kong halal food scene. Their extensive menu includes an array of Indian cuisine dishes such as keema samosa, Afghani lamb seekh kebab and many more. Start your meal with their cottage cheese dumplings but be sure to leave room for dessert because Jojo’s authentic Indian desserts are not to be missed! They also offer a lunch buffet for those Muslim travellers with a gluttonous appetite.

Warung Malang Club [halal-certified]

Warung Malang Club

Warung Malang is the ideal eatery for Muslim travellers who wish to sample legit Indonesian food. They ensure that diners leave feeling very contented with their generous portions. You can peruse through the counter display of Indonesian dishes such as nasi goreng and chicken satay with peanut sauce.

Ebeneezer’s Kebab [halal-certified]

Ebeneezer’s Kebab [halal-certified]

This successful chain of kebab stores serves up warm kebabs to the delight of both local customers and Muslim travellers alike. Aside from a choice of chicken or lamb for your kebabs, you will be torn as to which dressing to choose as Ebeneezer’s offers 12 different kinds to suit the palate of every customer!

Diners can also find Indian and Western food here such as curries, pizzas, biryanis, fish and chips, and salads.

Himalaya Restaurant

You will be greeted with an Indian and Nepalese menu when you dine at Himalaya Restaurant. Take your time to browse through their extensive menu of sekuwas (Nepalese barbeque), Indian tandoori barbeques, and other vegetable-based dishes.

Istanbul Express Turkish Restaurant

Kebabs, doner, shish and lots of other Turkish food can be found at Istanbul Express Turkish Restaurant. Their generous servings make sure that diners will not leave this eatery hungry. Conveniently located near the MTR, Istanbul Express is true to its name as it is a great dining option for Muslim travellers looking for a quick hearty bite.

Tsim Sha Tsui

Tsim Sha Tsui

Tsim Sha Tsui is known as the shopping district of the Kowloon area. Admire the waters of the Victoria Harbour as you walk along the Avenue of Stars, which honours the celebrities of the Hong Kong film industry. You might stroll right into the Harbour City mall for a spot of shopping. Later, snap a photo of the iconic Clock Tower where Kowloon station used to be and get ‘high’ at sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck, a 360-degree indoor observation deck for a panoramic view of the city.

For history buffs and culture vultures, browse through the Hong Kong Museum of History and appreciate the historical and cultural heritage of Hong Kong. Or you can tour around the Hong Kong Space Museum to learn more about astronomy and space science.

Tsim Sha Tsui

Pay a visit to the Kowloon Mosque when you want to catch your daily prayers. The mosque, located right next to Kowloon Park, is a great place to unwind. End your evening at the Temple Street Night Market where you can bask in the local night market culture.

Hung’s Chinese Restaurant [Muslim-owned]

This quaint yet comfortable restaurant guarantees customers will get a taste of authentic Chinese cuisine. Known for their delicious roasted chicken, Hung’s is a must-go for Muslim travellers to dine like the locals. If you are travelling in a group, it would be ideal for you to order a few dishes, like their black pepper beef and prawn fritters, to share for the full dining experience. Since this restaurant is Muslim-owned and not halal-certified, we would advise you to dine at your own discretion.

Bismillah Kebab House

Bismillah Kebab House is a modest joint that serves up Middle Eastern cuisine. For a quick bite, their kebab and shawarma wrap would be a great way to fill yourself up. They also offer hearty options such as pizza and rice dishes for those with a larger appetite. It is a great value-for-money eatery for budget-conscious Muslim travellers.

Anjappar Chettinad Indian Restaurant

Anjappar Chettinad Indian Restaurant in Hong Kong is part of a restaurant chain found all over the world. They serve up some delicious Chettinad cuisine, which uses spices flown all the way from India. You might have a tough time choosing your meal as their menu varies from juicy tandoori skewers and dum biryani to Asian dishes like pineapple Thai fried rice and various fried noodles.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Photo credit: Hong Kong Disneyland

No visit to Hong Kong is complete without a day to experience the happiest place on Earth! Hong Kong Disneyland is the largest theme park in Hong Kong, located at Penny’s Bay, Lantau Island. Be sure to make a strategic plan before you hit this theme park since it has so many ‘lands’ like Adventureland, Tomorrowland and Toy Story Land.

Tahitian Terrace in Adventureland [halal-certificate]

Hong Kong Disneyland

Photo credit: Hong Kong Disneyland

Tahitian Terrace Restaurant serves up Indian cuisine such as the black lentil combo and lemongrass chicken steak. They also have Southeast Asian delights such as Thai chicken curry and Singaporean laksa. You can enjoy your delectable meals in the open-air veranda surrounded by lush greenery.

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