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Imperial Patisserie: There's A Halal Pastry Shop You Should Visit In Hong Kong

  • Written by Have Halal Will Travel

The best halal food in Hong Kong comes in all shapes and sizes! Whether you’re craving delicious halal dim sum at Islamic Centre Canteen or cha chaan teng at Chrisly Inn Bakery, there’s always something for every foodie. If you’re a fan of Hong Kong pastries, you need to visit this halal pastry shop during your future trip to Hong Kong!

Say hello to Imperial Patisserie


Image credit: Imperial Patisserie

Imperial Patisserie specialises in halal Chinese pastries in Hong Kong that are perfect for sweet treats and souvenirs. What sets them apart from other bakeries is their commitment to delivering quality pastries that pay homage to their Hong Kong roots. You can spot them in various locations in Hong Kong including Tsim Sha Tsui, Wan Chai and Causeway Bay!

Imperial Patisserie is also a Quality Tourism Services (QTS) accredited merchant by the Hong Kong Tourism Board! The QTS scheme requires establishments to pass stringent annual assessments showing that they meet high standards of product quality and service - and it’s also a recognised stamp of service excellence in Hong Kong!

Meet the Chefs

Imperial Patisserie Chefs

Image credit: Imperial Patisserie

Imperial Patisserie is led by two exceptional chefs: Master Chef Yip Wing Wah , the founder of Hong Kong’s Egg Custard Mooncake and Master Chef Lai Wing Koon, a Michelin 2 starred chef. Every ingredient that goes into the pastries are handpicked by the chefs themselves, so quality is guaranteed every step of the way!

They aim to innovate their products by combining unique traditional craftsmanship with modern artisanal techniques. If you have a sweet tooth, check out some of the halal pastries you can find at Imperial Patisserie!

Halal Pastries at Imperial Patisserie

Imperial Patisserie

Image credit: Imperial Patisserie

Imperial Patisserie serves an array of pastry products such as Egg rolls, Michelin Palmiers, and Crispy Cookies that are certified halal by The Incorporated Trustees of the Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong. They’ve attained the halal certification in 2020 and spent a lot of time reviewing the source of ingredients to ensure that it is Muslim-friendly!

“It took us almost a year to adjust the recipe and learn how to substitute lard in the pastries. Finally, we substituted it with French natural butter, perfectly mixed with superior flour and fresh eggs to create our exquisite Mooncakes, Egg Rolls and Crispy Cookies,” they shared.

Their best-selling product is the Michelin Palmiers, which was developed by Master Chef Lai Wing Koon. “He has always been fascinated by a French classic pastry called Palmier. He made use of his expertise, integrating Western-style quality ingredients into Chinese-style cakes and pastries, delivering an extremely delicate and exquisite flavour. The recipe and the size of Palmiers have also been meticulously customised to make it crispier.”

Imperial Patisserie MC

Image credit: Imperial Patisserie

The Mooncake is another best-selling product at Imperial Patisserie, especially their award-winning lava flavour. “Our lava mooncakes have won the Monde Selection Grand Gold Award for three consecutive years, which is the first lava mooncake to gain this honour. The lava custard mooncake is a classic masterpiece of Mini Egg Custard Mooncake. Master Chef Yip Wing Wah, the founder of Custard Mooncake, has strictly controlled the production process to ensure the lava filling can flow even under room temperature. So you’ll get a rich egg custard flavour and salted egg yolk scent from the inside out.”

Do these yummy pastries make you miss Hong Kong? We feel the same way! If you’re planning a future getaway to Hong Kong, make sure to treat yourself and your family to these delicious halal pastries at Imperial Patisserie!


Halal status: All products are halal certified by The Incorporated Trustees of the Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong

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The Hong Kong Tourism Board disclaims any liability as to the quality or fitness for purpose of third party products and services; and makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy, adequacy or reliability of any information contained herein.

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