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Eating out at 5 of chef Lee Man Sing's favourite restaurants

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  • Written by LUXE City Guides, Images by Calvin Sit
Lee Man Sing

Hong Kong has such a dazzling range of eating options — from casual dai pai dongs to fine-dining restaurants — often the biggest challenge facing visitors is narrowing down the choice of where to eat. Thankfully help is at hand from a homegrown culinary superstar, Chef Lee Man Sing of Mott 32, who shares a few of his favourite places to eat in Hong Kong.

Mott 32

Mott 32

No matter whether he’s eating local or international food, Chef Lee finds inspiration in every single dish he tries. The native Hongkonger started working in kitchens 35 years ago as a delivery boy aged 16; today he helms Mott 32 Get me there {{title}} {{taRatingLabel}} Address {{address}} Website {{website}} More info , the show-stopping restaurant renowned for its marriage of traditional flavours with modern presentation. Spearheading a farm-to-table philosophy, Mott 32’s menu sizzles with Cantonese, Sichuan and Beijing influences in dishes like Apple Wood Roasted 42 Days Peking Duck and Barbecue Pluma Iberico Pork with Yellow Mountain Honey.

Tim Ho Wan, Central

Tim Ho Wan Get me there {{title}} {{taRatingLabel}} Address {{address}} Website {{website}} More info , Central

“I’ve been dining here since day one of the restaurant as the founder is my friend. The dim sum is delicious and prices reasonable; their chefs are skilled and experienced. I recommend the baked char siu bao. The Central location is very convenient.”

Dragon Inn Seafood Restaurant, Tuen Mun

Photo Credit: Dragon Inn Seafood Restaurant

Dragon Inn Seafood Restaurant Get me there {{title}} {{taRatingLabel}} Address {{address}} Website {{website}} More info

“Ideal for dinner, Dragon Inn has a comfortable, nostalgic ambience and their seafood is exceptional. It’s one of the best restaurants near where I live and I’ve been coming here for more than 20 years. I recommend all of their seafood dishes and the siu mei.”

Ju Xing Home, Mong Kok

Ju Xing Home Get me there {{title}} {{taRatingLabel}} Address {{address}} Website {{website}} More info , Mong Kok

“Lots of chefs come here after work and it’s my first choice for a late-night eatery. Their stir-fries served straight from the hot wok (I like the fried vermicelli with lobster) are absolutely delicious while the casual ambience allows you to relax and chat.”

Maxim’s Palace , various locations

“My parents used to bring me here every week and as a kid, I was amazed by the dim sum and stir-fry dishes. Now they have a lot of branches in Hong Kong so it’s easy to find one anywhere. Frequented by local families, it’s a great way for visitors to sample authentic Chinese food. Order the har gau dumplings — the shrimp tastes very fresh and the skin is thin and soft.”

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