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Eagle's Nest Nature Trail: take a walk on the wild side

South China Morning Post
  • Written by South China Morning Post
The Peak to Lung Fu Shan Country Park

Average hiking time: About 2 hours | Distance: About 4 km | Difficulty: Very Easy

This shaded trail inside Lion Rock Country Park takes you just high enough for expansive views over the Kowloon Reservoir, the central New Territories mountain range, and bustling Kowloon Peninsula. Up close, see stunning flora and bird life — it is the roosting place for Black Kites — and some monkey business, too.

Get a 360° preview of Hong Kong's outdoors

Stop 1: Kowloon Reservoir

Completed in 1910, Kowloon Reservoir was the first in the New Territories and has a unique curved design. Climb up Golden Hill Road and Piper’s Hill Road until you reach Eagle’s Nest Nature Trail. Follow the trail next to the stream, keeping to the left, up an easy stone path continuing along MacLehose Trail Section 5.

Stop 2: MacLehose Trail Section 5

Follow the signs and climb up the stone staircase to a pavilion on MacLehose Trail Section 5. You can capture panoramic views of Kowloon sprawling below. Stay to the right to follow Eagle’s Nest Nature Trail.

Stop 3: Eagle's Nest Nature Trail

Keep an eye out for the near-threatened Ailanthus Tree, with long, pointed, dark green leaves and white-to-yellow fluffy clusters. Along Eagle's Nest Nature Trail you may also see the Shiuying Bamboo that has so far been found nowhere else in the world. Sharp-eyed hikers will spot the Silverback Artocarpus, a dark green leafy tree with clusters of inedible fruit that range in colour from green to orange.

Stop 4: Tai Po Road

Walk down Piper’s Hill Road back to the bus stop on Tai Po Road, keeping an eye out for monkeys and wild boars.


Vending machines for drinks can be found when you alight from the bus on Tai Po Road.

Getting to Kowloon Reservoir:

  • From MTR Sham Shui Po Station Exit D2, walk up Tai Po Road and take bus 72 towards Tai Wo or 81 towards Wo Che. Alight at Shek Lei Pui Reservoir Bus Stop on Tai Po Road. Walk down Golden Hill Road to Kowloon Reservoir.


Leaving from Tai Po Road:

  • Take bus 72 or 81 to Sham Shui Po or Sha Tin.

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