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I’m Sorry. I didn’t get that.

I’m Sorry. I didn’t get that.

Hong Kong Chefs' Playbook

Take a page out of a Chef’s playbook and discover the roots of Hong Kong’s eclectic culinary scene in a brand new video series “Hong Kong Chef’s Playbook” in collaboration with the MICHELIN Guide.

This series will take you onto the streets of Hong Kong and through the lenses of Michelin-Starred chefs Vicky Lau, Shane Osborn, Vicky Cheng and Michelin-Starred restaurateur Danny Yip. Uncover their culinary secrets, their local neighbourhood influences and their love affair with authentic local ingredients and produce.

Each video is an exploration of a unique Hong Kong neighbourhood and a tantalising food tour that’ll have your mouth watering, making you want to visit and taste these perennial Hong Kong favourites.

Episode 1: Fruits Paradise with Vicky Lau 

From traditional wooden chopping boards to fresh local ingredients, discover where Michelin Star chef Vicky Lau, of Tate Dining room finds her inspirations along the streets of Yau Ma Tei.

Episode 2:  Sustainability with Shane Osborn

Celebrated chef and champion of food sustainability, Shane Osborn of the Michelin star restaurant Arcane, is leading the charge to inspire and change the way we think and feel about vegetarian food.

Episode 3:  Vicky Cheng's Tai-O Love Story

Inspired by a song, chef Vicky Cheng of the Michelin star restaurant VEA, meticulously creates a dish from humble, everyday ingredients found in the historic fishing village Tai-O.

Episode 4: Elevating Hong Kong flavours with Danny Yip

Innovative restaurateur Danny Yip pays homage to history by putting a new spin on Cantonese traditions with forgotten ingredients at his Michelin star restaurant, The Chairman.

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