• Increase of duty-free allowance for luggage articles brought into the Mainland by Mainland residents travelling from Hong Kong takes effect from 1 July 2024. Click here for details.

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What you should know before travelling to Hong Kong

What you should know before travelling to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a vibrant city with much to explore, and it’s also easy to get around. Great deals are everywhere, and payment is hassle-free, making your trip even more enjoyable. Check out these tips to prepare for your visit and fully experience this bustling metropolis.

How to pay in Hong Kong: cash, credit, Octopus, or mobile?

1) How to pay in Hong Kong: cash, credit, Octopus, or mobile?

Most international credit cards, such as American Express, VISA, and MasterCard, are accepted at hotels, shops, and restaurants in Hong Kong. Some stores also accept mobile payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay, and WeChat Pay. You can find out which payment methods are accepted by checking the signs displayed at the entrance or cash register.​

There are still some shops and restaurants in Hong Kong that only accept cash or Octopus cards, so it is recommended that you visit a currency exchange to obtain enough cash before venturing out. Alternatively, you can purchase or rent an Octopus card, or download the tourist version of the Octopus app to your mobile phone. Using an Octopus card or app will not only make it easy for you to use public transportation, but also enable you to make purchases at convenience stores, supermarkets, and restaurants with just a simple tap.

Easy travel: getting around

2) Easy travel: getting around

One of the best parts about Hong Kong is how easy it is to travel to and within. It’s visa-free for many countries and it’s smooth sailing getting through the airport to start your Hong Kong adventure! Transportation in Hong Kong is efficient and affordable with multiple options for getting around this easily navigable city.

Hong Kong weather

3) Hong Kong weather

Hong Kong’s weather is pleasant most of the time and doesn’t experience extremes, as its sub-tropical. It does get quite humid in summer and cool in winter, so pack accordingly for those swings.

Adaptors and voltage

4) Adaptors and voltage

Depending on where you’re coming from, you’ll likely need an electrical adaptor. Hong Kong uses the UK-style plug, which is three-pronged. Double-check the electrical voltage, as Hong Kong’s standard voltage is 220 volts AC at a frequency of 50Hz, which may differ from your home country.

Stay connected: apps, SIM, Wi-Fi

5) Stay connected: apps, SIM, Wi-Fi

Staying connected and accessing the help you need have never been easier or faster. Tons of advice and helpful hints are available from travel apps and easily downloadable guidebooks. Getting a local sim card and finding Wi-Fi hotspots are super simple in the city.


6) Deals

There are tons of deals available throughout Hong Kong, whether you’re searching for hot offers at swanky hotels or budget stays, or discounts for top attractions and culinary delights, Hong Kong is truly a world city with plenty to offer.

Expert advice: plan your trip with us

7) Expert advice: plan your trip with us

Looking for new attractions, upcoming events or recommendations? The Hong Kong Tourism Board Visitor Centres are a great and friendly place for personalised advice and tips.

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