• Temporary Suspension of “Hong Kong WinterFest” on 6 December

    With regards to the HKSAR Government’s arrangements for mourning Mr Jiang Zemin, Former President of the People’s Republic of China, the Hong Kong Tourism Board has announced that the “Hong Kong WinterFest” will be suspended on 6 December (Tue). The Christmas Town at Art Park, West Kowloon Cultural District will also be temporarily closed. Click here for more information. 

  • Travellers are welcome to visit Hong Kong without quarantine. Find out more about the travel requirements here or download our concise guide

  • The Government has announced new specific arrangements for inbound tour group travellers. Travellers who are received by licensed travel agents are allowed to enter specific catering premises to have meals according to the itineraries while holding the Amber Code. Click here for more details. 

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Speak now

I’m Sorry. I didn’t get that.

I’m Sorry. I didn’t get that.

Sustainable Cocktail Masterclass

Language: English

Sustainability is the latest trend not only in food and wine, but also in cocktails. In this section, we have invited the icon and pioneer of sustainable bartending, Agung Prabowo, who opened Penicillin last year, which is the first cocktail bar with a sustainable approach in Hong Kong. He will share the philosophy of sustainable bartending and how to do it at home, turning your cocktails into a more eco-conscious drink.


Mr Agung Prabowo

  • Co-founder of Penicillin
  • Penicillin is awarded No. 30 of Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2021 and Ketel One Sustainable Bar Award 2021

Mr Eddie Chui

  • Editor of Whisky Magazine HK
Tasting Kit (Sale has ended)

Try the pre-mixed sustainable cocktail with the garnish set; it's just like the one in the demonstration. Transform the biodegradable tasting cup into a flowerpot and plant the seed to grow another garnish for your sustainable home-made cocktail.

  • Pre-mixed cocktail "ONE PENICILLIN, ONE TREE“ by Agung Prabowo 100ml x 2
    - Discarded white chocolate whisky ecoSpirits
    - Local strawberry brine-water
    - Coconut
    - ABV 15%
  • Bio-degradable tasting cup x 2
  • Cocopeat soil x 2
  • Seeds pack x 1
Tools and other items you will need
  • Ice
  • Avocado stone x 2 (Please keep them frozen in advance)

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