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Nói ngay

Tôi xin lỗi. Tôi không hiểu.

Tôi xin lỗi. Tôi không hiểu.

Temple Street - Endless Authentic Encounters

Adorned with vibrant colours, Temple Street has been revitalised, showcasing its lively and captivating night vibes. Visitors can expect to encounter authentic decorations that serve as must-visit photo spots. The roadside food stalls also offer an endless array of delectable Hong Kong snacks and diverse specialty products, ensuring a satisfying experience that pleases both your taste buds and leaves you fulfilled. Come for an evening stroll through Temple Street and rediscover the distinctive nightlife of Hong Kong!

Thông tin chi tiết về sự kiện


From 15 December 2023

Thời gian

A taste of Temple Street (food stalls): 2-11pm;
Street decor lights on: 5-11pm

Địa điểm

Temple Street and Yau Ma Tei Community Centre Rest Garden

(Các) Danh mục

Festivals, Food & Drink Events, Family Friendly

Vào cửa

Free admission

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