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Chef Peggy Chan's top 4 spots for vegetarian food in Hong Kong

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Where to eat vegetarian food in Hong Kong

Not only is Peggy Chan a glowing advocate for a nutrient-rich, plant-based, organic diet, but she’s an environmental activist who championed conscious consumption long before it became a hashtag.


The Hong Kong-born entrepreneur, chef and vegetarian clocked up experience in some of the city’s starriest restaurants before founding Grassroots Pantry in 2012. The lofty-chic restaurant on Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan attracted a stylish fanbase with its diverse, wholesome menu that blended Asian and Western influences. As the vegetarian and vegan trend continues to set pace, we invited Peggy to share her favourite veggie-leaning eateries in Hong Kong.

Thai Vegetarian Food

Thai Vegetarian Food, Kowloon City

This family-run place is reminiscent of how we started Grassroots Pantry: it’s half shop, half restaurant although it’s become so popular they’ve had to expand  Thai Vegetarian Food Get me there {{title}} Address {{address}} Website {{website}} More info recently. I love it because it’s down to earth and run by a husband and wife. I’m moderately intolerant to onions and garlic and I know the restaurant doesn’t serve any of those so it’s a great place for me to go. The raw mango salad and ‘prawn’ cakes are very good.

Fresco Café

Fresco Café, Central

I specifically go here for the mango mochi, a popular local Hong Kong dessert. Fresco Café Get me there {{title}} Address {{address}} Website {{website}} More info is a local bakery on Gage Street; we sometimes pass by on our way to the market and pick up a few mango mochi for afternoon tea with the team. The mangoes are super fresh and the dough is very moist.

Chuen Koon

Chuen Koon, Kowloon City

I recently found out about Chuen Koon through a delivery service and have started to order it more regularly. It’s not vegetarian, but they’re very accommodating and the dishes can be easily tweaked for my dietary restrictions. I always order the spicy potato thread, cabbage and spicy rubber-band noodles.

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