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Mainland China and international performing groups

Guangxi Arts Troupe, Mainland China

The performance with a lively and rhythmic folk song that beautifully conveys deep affection for one's hometown and loved ones. Accompanied by the powerful beats of drums, it vividly reflects the vibrant lifestyle and aspirations for a happy and fulfilling life among the Zhuang ethnic community.

Tibet Chamdo Troupe, Mainland China

Experience the captivating charm of the Chamdo City performing troupe from the eastern Tibet Autonomous Region. Witness their mesmerizing reinterpretation of the ancient Linggu Dance, seamlessly fusing dance, recitation, drama, acrobatics, qigong, and martial arts. Immerse yourself in the vibrant and extraordinary cultural tapestry of the snowy plateau.

Tumanako Māori Cultural Group, Australia & New Zealand

Tumanako (means HOPE) Māori Culture group performs songs, dances and famous posture dance haka Ka Mate. The group is made up of Australasian with vast and varied performing cultural and creative arts experience, who love to share song and dance of the unique Māori people to one and all.

Universe of Lights, Germany

Imagine dancing planets, twinkling stars, and the dream of the vastness of space coming to life. This captivating spectacle combines poetic imagery with exhilarating dance interludes. It's a breathtaking light parade that showcases the beauty of the entire universe.

Carillon, Italy

A grand white piano skillfully maneuvered by a mime from the 18th century will move around with music on motorized wheels. Meanwhile, an ethereal ballerina will dance and sway sweetly to the romantic melody.

Millennium Collection & AutoBahn, Japan

Get ready to be amazed by the extraordinary skills of two renowned Double Dutch teams from Japan. AutoBahn, the reigning champions of Double Dutch GRANDPLIX 2023, and Millennium Collection, the runners-up in both Double Dutch Delight 2023 and National Double Dutch League 2023. With their mesmerizing blend of acrobatics, dance, and street-style moves, their performances are an exhilarating entertainment experience.

Avantgardey, Japan

Hailing from Osaka, the girls group Avantgardey was founded in February 2022 and produced by Akane, a choreographer famous for "bubbly dance". They have gained worldwide popularity on TikTok and Instagram as the "Mysterious school uniformed and bobbed hair group" and well-known for its synchronized dance moves and funny expressions.


Experience the vibrant energy and delicate beauty of Nisshin City's cherry blossoms with 'Jousyou'. Winners of the 2023 Nippon Domannaka Festival Grand Prize, they embody the liveliness of youth and the fragility of nature in their captivating performance.

K'ARTS, Korea

K'ARTS presents traditional Korean dances that embody the very essence of Korean culture, comes from the famous Korea National University of Arts (K-Arts), which has served as home to many prominent Korean artists across a wide spectrum of disciplines, from modern to traditional arts including Korean wave and K-pop.


Comprises Taekwondo veterans from prominent organisations, including the National Demonstration Team, World Taekwondo Federation and K-TIGERS, the team seamlessly blends the essence of Taekwondo with creativity, delivering a unique and entertaining experience.

Circus in Motion, The Netherlands

An amazing and diverse theatrical performance awaits, offering a unique blend of various elements such as theater, acrowheel, dance, stilt walking, juggling and much more! This captivating parade showcases the talents of experienced artists who have honed their skills in both dance and circus performance.

Bacolod City MassKara Festival, The Philippines

The Bacolod MassKara Festival founded in the 1980s during a period of economic adversity is now an annual event in the picturesque city of Bacolod, Philippines. The large and colorful smiling masks serve as a reminder that, even in the face of challenges, there is always something to smile about.

Golden Dream, Spain

The beautiful dancers move seductively to the notes of energetic Latin music. This stunning ensemble features a mesmerizing blend of fuchsia and golden fabrics, adorned with magnificent fuchsia feathers, and are all crafted from recycled materials.

Light Dancers, Spain

Witness the awe-inspiring human sculptures, crafted in various geometric forms, a magical combination of lighting and puppetry creates an entrancing atmosphere, with synchronised lighting and a high-energy soundtrack, this show is both daring and entertaining.

Timbaloe Batucada, Spain

Based in the vibrant South of Spain, this company embodies the energy and passion that characterizes the Spanish soul! With unique handmade costumes and lights on their drums, they deliver a modern performance filled with happiness and fun!

L.A. Rams Cheerleaders, USA

The Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders, the official cheerleading squad of the National Football League representing the Los Angeles Rams, deliver exhilarating performances with passionate dances and energetic rhythms, igniting a fiery atmosphere that electrifies the entire parade.

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