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I’m Sorry. I didn’t get that.

I’m Sorry. I didn’t get that.

Experience industrial revitalisation and transformation

Kwun Tong is being reborn. What was once Hong Kong’s industrial heartland is now becoming the city’s newest business district, complete with gleaming office towers and creative hotspots. Construction cranes are busy redeveloping the old Yue Man Square commercial zone into a new heart for the district.

But the transformation hasn’t lost sight of the past. What makes Kwun Tong so exciting is how the new is playing with the old. Inside its old industrial blocks, there are designers, musicians, entrepreneurs and artists, making this one of Hong Kong’s most creative districts. You’re as likely to discover an intriguing art installation as you are a new designer handbag when you explore Kwun Tong.

And it’s all very easy to get to. Hong Kong’s oldest and busiest MTR line channels through the district, connecting all of its neighbourhoods, from Kowloon Bay in the northwest to Yau Tong in the southeast, passing through Ngau Tau Kok, Kwun Tong and Lam Tin along the way.

The revitalisation of Kwun Tong’s old industrial areas isn’t the only story. In the far eastern part of the district, the centuries-old fishing village of Lei Yue Mun has become a popular destination for weekend seafood excursions. And just uphill, the 19th-century military ruins of Devil’s Peak are attracting a new generation of explorers.

  • Stroll along the waterfront and enjoy one of the city’s best views at the Kwun Tong Promenade.

  • Learn about carbon-neutral architecture or just chill out at CIC – Zero Carbon Park.

  • Have seafood cooked for you at the multitude of restaurants in Lei Yue Mun.

  • Climb Devil’s Peak and explore historic ruins with beautiful harbour views at Gough Battery.

Experiences in Kwun Tong

Nearby neighbourhoods

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