Cheung Chau Sai Tai Road

Cheung Chau Sai Tai Road

The tiny island of Cheung Chau has no motorised traffic, making it a welcome getaway for strollers. Follow Sai Tai Road, which heads southwest from the pier and takes you past pleasant coastal scenery and a great selection of popular eateries. This will also lead you in the direction of the respective turfs of a goddess and a pirate – the island’s Tin Hau Temple and Cheung Po Tsai Cave.

Sai Tai Road, Cheung Chau, Outlying Islands
How to get there
Ferry from Central Pier 5 to Cheung Chau (the ordinary ferry takes about 55-60 minutes and the fast ferry takes about 35-40 minutes). Then turn right walk along Tai Hing Tai Road to Sai Tai Road for about 15 minutes.
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