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Celebration of the Lord Buddha’s Birthday in the Year of Buddhist Calendar 2563 (2019)

Buddha’s Birthday, which falls on the eighth day of the fourth lunar month, is widely celebrated in the local community. A three-day celebration will be held at the Hong Kong Coliseum by the Hong Kong Buddhist Association, including the ‘Bathing the Buddha Ceremony’, a ‘Sutra Chanting Ceremony’, a ‘Refuge Taking Ceremony’, Dharma talks, a charity concert and a Meditation Experiential Activity. The Buddha-bathing ceremony and carnivals are also held at monasteries, Buddhist schools and public places across the territory.

Event Highlights
The Buddha's Birthday Charity Concert – Gratitude and Inheritance: 11 May, 7:30-9:30pm
Event Details
Date: 11–13 May 2019
Time: Various times
Venue: Hong Kong Coliseum
Category: Festivals
Admission: Please visit the event website or call +852 2574 9371 for details
Enquiry: +852 2574 9371
Organiser: Hong Kong Buddhist Association


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