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Get moving: Hong Kong’s best wellness activities for the body and mind

LUXE City Guides
  • Written by LUXE City Guides
Stand up paddle board

While Hong Kong is known for its fast-paced energy, towering skyscrapers and dense urban landscape, it has no shortage of options for those seeking to replenish the body and mind. From gong baths to breathwork workshops and outdoor workouts, here are some of the best ways to stay active in Hong Kong.

Stand up paddle board yoga class

Stand up paddleboard (SUP) yoga with Breatheasy

Need a break from city life? A little SUP yoga on the eastern coast of Lantau could do just the trick. Located in Mui Wo, Breatheasy offers fun and off-the-beaten-track fitness and wellness programs away from the city centre that are accessible for every level of fitness.

Woman having SUP yoga

As instructor Bernice Lau explains, “SUP yoga combines yoga asanas and stand up paddleboarding to form a fun and invigorating exercise that’s completely different from any daily workout.” Being at sea and outdoors, SUP yoga strengthens core muscles and overall stability for a full-body workout that also integrates breathing and mindfulness. “The powerful combination of exercise and exposure to nature helps relieve stress and tone up the body,” Lau says.

Learn more about Breatheasy here.

Gong Bath

Image credit: Nathan King Photography

Gong baths at Red Doors Studio

“Red Doors is a place of calm in the city,” says founder Martha Collard, whose centre has become well-established for workshops, performances and trainings — not to mention housing the largest personal collection of meditation gongs in Asia to boot. Gong baths can be immensely beneficial for improved sleep, mental clarity, and inner harmony. They are also excellent remedies for anxiety, stress and fatigue. “Simply put, a gong bath allows your entire body to relax, renew and rejuvenate. One client recently said they felt ‘gongtastic’ after their first experience,” says Collard.

Learn more about Red Doors Studio here.

Woman having qigong with balanced fitness

Qigong with Balancd Fitness

Balancd Fitness founder Sara Chung discovered tai chi as an incredible way to improve balance and reduce the chances of falling while looking for a way to help her mother gain lower body strength and balance. Together with her mentor, Grandmaster Lung Kai-ming, she created a programme that integrated Shaolin basic training and the ancient art of Baduanjin qigong.


Today, Balancd Fitness specialises in qigong, tai chi, and kung fu, while organising courses for a variety of settings including corporate wellness, one-on-one personal training and groups. Their qigong class is divided into eight sections to target various sections of the body, which establishes a strong sense of balance, flexibility and strength — both physically and mentally.

Learn more about Balancd Fitness here.

Yoga mats and blocks

Yoga with Be Earth

Find inner peace in the heart of Hong Kong at Be Earth’s 3,000 sq ft sanctuary in Central. From yoga props made from recycled materials to bamboo flooring and energy-efficient lighting, this is a studio that aims to offer a holistic and healthy environment for both people and Mother Nature.


Participants can choose from a wide range of class styles including dynamic classes that focus on movement or relaxing classes that calm and restore. Want to look inwards? Explore practices such as sound healing, meditation and breathwork in the studio’s non-postural classes.

Learn more about Be Earth here.

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