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Samantha Fan
General Manager, Marketing

‘Hong Kong is ON’ is more than a promotional website, it is an initiative to bring back positivity and confidence in Hong Kong, and ultimately, to bring in visitors again.


Unpredictable social and market situations had brought never-before-seen operational and financial challenges to tourism and related businesses in 2019/20. Samantha Fan, the HKTB’s General Manager of Marketing, recalled how her team materialised the “Hong Kong is ON” campaign, which sought to boost local spending desire and attract visitors with unbeatable offers across the city.

“As soon as the social incidents started in June, my team had worked closely with our colleagues in the Corporate Affairs Division to update with the latest information on public transport, traffic, sightseeing spots and ports of entry on a round-the-clock basis, especially at weekends and holidays where social incidents were expected, so that visitors could gather all the necessary information they needed to make plans from a single, reliable channel,” said Fan.

As the impact of the social incidents on tourism emerged, it was the Marketing department’s job to translate the “Hong Kong is ON” campaign concept into a visible and attractive platform that would catch eyeballs and convert consumption desire to business.

“Within mere weeks, we needed to come up with a series of creative tools including an all-in-one website that covered a long list of offers as well as campaign visuals and point-of-sale displays. It really put the team’s wit and agility to test,” the Marketing team head said.

“I am truly grateful for the team’s dedication. It was no mean feat to put together a campaign website with loads of offers in different languages for launch in December, which was barely a month after the initial proposal of the campaign in November.”

Targeting genuinely interested consumers

When designing promotions aimed at triggering the spending desire of the local population, Fan and her colleagues deployed target marketing strategies to deliver unique “ON” messages such as “Shop ON”, “Dine ON” and “Stay ON” to consumers with interests that matched with the offers in the campaign.