Top-Notch Service

Excellent visitor services make a world of a difference to a tourist's experience. That is why we task ourselves to lead the tourism industry, the retail sector and the whole community towards one common goal: to cultivate Hong Kong as a hospitable destination that will earn a special place in every visitor's heart.

Outstanding Quality Tourism Services (QTS) Merchant & Service Staff Awards

This award is our endeavour to recognise outstanding merchants and their frontline staff for setting an example of exceptional service. It is intended to serve as an incentive for them to keep up their effort and to inspire a city-wide hospitable culture. There are currently over 1,000 QTS merchants around town, which can be easily identified by the smartly designed decal displayed on the front of their 8,183 outlets.

Wider reach, higher commitment

The Concierge Hotline, operated by our visitor information and services team, extended its service to benefit more travel trade partners in handling client enquiries. As of March 2016, the Concierge Hotline supported a total of 96 subscribers – compared with 80 in the previous year, consisting of 84 hotels, eight shopping malls and, more recently, four QTS-accredited visitor accommodation providers.

Enhanced and personalised services

Charitable souvenirs

A strong tourism industry requires a city-wide commitment, and during the year, a contribution from one of the least expected segments of the community proved to make a difference. A collection of locally inspired souvenirs we launched in collaboration with the Mental Health Association of Hong Kong and New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association have been very well received since we started selling them at our Visitor Centres in July 2015. Handcrafted by people with disabilities who are members of the two non-governmental organisations, the one-of-a-kind souvenirs both created job opportunities and helped keep tourists' fond memories of Hong Kong alive.

Notable hospitality

The Hong Kong Pals programme recruits only the most passionate volunteer ambassadors to ensure visitors are introduced to our city in a genuine and in-depth manner. Visitors can trust them for insider tips to enjoying a memorable, hassle-free journey. Find out more about them by clicking here.


  • Visitor Centres: served 2 million guests
  • Contact Centre: handled 16,000 phone calls or email enquiries
  • Response time: 97% of incoming calls answered within 20 seconds