Marketing Initiatives

It is our job to push the envelope and produce creative marketing initiatives that highlight the incredible variety of experiences Hong Kong has to offer. In 2015/16, we delivered a series of impactful promotions and campaigns through both traditional and digital channels to communicate with the largest audience possible.

Visuals reign

With its impressive collection of photographs capturing destinations around the world in the most picturesque fashion or from the least expected, daredevil perspectives, it is no wonder the Instagram travel account Beautiful Destinations has built a loyal following of over seven million fans across 180 countries. Thanks to the group’s popularity, the 14 stunning images and three 15-second videos they created of Hong Kong especially for the HKTB resulted in great feedback on multiple Instagram accounts.


  • Beautiful Destinations’ Instagram account: close to 700,000 likes, 300,000 video views and more than 10,000 comments
  • Instagrammers’ personal accounts: close to 230,000 likes and 3,500 comments
  • HKTB's social media accounts: close to 90,000 likes and 1,200 comments

A word-of-mouth triumph

In today’s digital world, we know that real-time, peer-generated information on the internet is what steers travellers’ destination choices and itinerary planning. That is why we partnered with the world’s biggest travel review website, TripAdvisor. By customising Hong Kong’s profile page, we drive travellers’ interests and plans from their early research stage. The content comes in various formats: thoughtful, in-depth articles, intriguing lists of places to see, and regular updates on events and happenings.


  • The brand-new Hong Kong destination page on TripAdvisor is now available in 14 different languages, in 16 world regions.

Going social

Our digital marketing team is constantly keeping up with the ever-evolving social media scene to fully tap into the popularity of different platforms. In addition to generating authentic content to engage our fans, we are keen to try out new apps and functions. Our live-streaming videos on Facebook and YouTube, for instance, received an encouraging response. And by forging a first-in-Asia partnership with Instagram, we expanded our fan base by employing its new advertising feature.


  • The live-stream broadcast on one of our most popular events, the Hong Kong’s New Year Countdown Celebrations, recorded impressive results. Engagement rate increased by 67% with over 50,000 shares.
  • Fans across all social media platforms: 5.5 million
  • Instagram fan growth in 2015: 842%

The travel encyclopedia of Hong Kong is a treasure trove of travel information on our exciting city, which we continually enhance and enrich for the convenience of every type of visitor. To capitalise on the growing use of mobile devices, we accelerated the development of the website’s mobile version for a superior on-the-go browsing experience. We also continued to grow our partnership with third parties to generate point-of-interest content, and developed our own “Insider’s Guide” to provide visitors with local experiences and insights.

We extended our marketing support to two other major campaigns: Happy@hongkong Super JETSO and Hong Kong Summer Fun. Please click on the links below for full details:

Happy@hongkong Super JETSO
Hong Kong Summer Fun


  • Page views of 92.4 million (up 41% year-on-year)
  • Downloads of the “My Hong Kong Guide” app: over 155,000 (up 85.7% year-on-year)