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I’m Sorry. I didn’t get that.

I’m Sorry. I didn’t get that.

East Meets West

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Alex is a highly passionate, versatile, and analytical mixologist currently working as a Beverage Development Manager at Tastings Group which has six outlets including Quinary, Room 309 and Draft Land. He also won the first runner-up of Diageo World Class Competition Hong Kong & Macau 2021. Alex has created a cocktail combining gin and Chinese Huadiao named 'Old Town' to show Hong Kong's East-meets-West heritage. Allow Alex to show the cultural integration and share his bartending skills with you all.


Mr Alex Ko

  • Beverage Development Manager, Tasting Group
  • Diageo World Class Competition Hong Kong & Macau 2021 First runner-up

Mr Nelson Siu

  • Editor-in-Chief, Wine Luxe Magazine
Tasting Kit (Sale has ended)

Celebrating the classic dichotomy of East-meets-West, this Langley's gin-inspired cocktail set contrasts the quintessentially English No.8 London Dry Gin with Xian Heng Huadiao 10 years, blending them to the recipe recommended by our seasoned mixologist, Alexander Ko with the specially selected tools and ingredients.

  • Langley’s No.8 Gin 700ml x 1
  • Xian Heng Huadiao 10 years 350ml x 1
  • Shaker x 1
  • Strainer x 1
  • Jigger x 1
  • Stirrer x 1
  • Muddler x 1
  • Walnuts x 4 - 5
Tools and other items you will need
  • Honey 5ml x 1
  • Minced ginger 5g x 1
  • Orange peel x 1

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