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9 hotspots for nightlife in Lan Kwai Fong

LUXE City Guides
  • Written by LUXE City Guides
Lan Kwai Fong is world-famous for its bars and night clubs

Lan Kwai Fong. Hong Kong’s legendary party hub. A place to see and be seen. Also known as LKF, this iconic district boasts a dazzling array of swanky rooftop bars, cosy live music joints and pumping nightclubs. Put on your party shoes and get ready for a night to remember at these 9 LKF hotspots!

OMA is a haven for underground house, trance and bass enthusiasts

1. Oma

In the dynamic tapestry of Hong Kong’s ever-evolving nightlife, Oma stands as a dedicated haven for fans of underground house, trance and bass. Having amassed a loyal following over its decade-long existence, this hidden gem pays homage to the city’s vibrant techno scene, attracting both local talent and international DJs to its intimate yet buzzing space. As the music takes hold, a mesmerising display of psychedelic patterns unfolds on a grand screen, with top-notch speakers making every beat pulse through your body.

Dance the night away at Dragon-I

2. Dragon-I

dim sum diner by day and an exclusive club by night, Dragon-I welcomes glitterati from around the world in the heart of Hong Kong. Since its inception in 2002, the stylish establishment has attracted the city’s crème de la crème, with models, tables and champagne bottles popping by the hour. With a predominantly red palette and a delicate fusion of Chinese-Japanese-inspired interiors, it’s the perfect place to dance the night away. Who knows, you may even bump into Michelle Yeoh, Rihanna, Snoop Dogg or Leonardo DiCaprio on their next trip to the city — they’re known to be fans.

Cassio plays a diverse mix of music

3. Cassio

Once the dinner service ends, Cassio turns up the heat and transforms into a party hotspot. Nestled within the LKF Tower, this upbeat club plays a diverse mix of genres from R&B and disco to house, reggae and salsa. Special guests like Djuma Soundsystem​ and Brooklyn-based Bedouin often make appearances. But it’s not just the music that sets Cassio apart — their creative cocktails are crafted with passion and artistry. If things get too hectic inside — which they often do after midnight — just head to the terrace and continue your boogie under the stars.

Tazmania Ballroom, or ‘Taz’, is the place to get wild for the night

4. Tazmania Ballroom

When your friend suggests hitting up ‘Taz’, you know the night is about to get wild. Sister venue to crowd favourites Dragon-I and Cassio, Tazmania Ballroom has cultivated a reputation as one of the hottest dance spots in town. Designed by Tom Dixon, the swanky space features a bronze mirrored staircase and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. Expect canape-filled happy hours, ping-pong Tuesdays, hip-hop Wednesdays and more — ‘Taz’ has it all.

Sound Department places an equal emphasis on musical prowess and nightlife culture

5. Sound Department

Get your hip-hop fix at Sound Department, a club on Stanley Street that places an equal emphasis on musical prowess and nightlife culture. Opened in 2019, the energetic hub spotlights Hong Kong’s up-and-coming rap artists so they can unleash their creativity to a wider audience. Whether you’re a hip-hop newbie, a curious explorer or a hardcore raver, swing by on your next Friday night to see for yourself what the hype is all about.

Stockon takes you back to the halyclon times of Victorian-era London

6. Stockton

Stockton is a an eclectic, speakeasy-style bar and lounge on Wyndham Street. Tucked away down a dark alley behind a nondescript door, the dimly-lit space transports you to the halcyon days of Victorian-era London with its enormous vintage leather couches, antique art and dark-wood interiors. The lounge has an intimate feel, and its gentleman’s-club-turned-cigar-lounge vibe makes it the ultimate choice for the city’s most glamorous crowds. Sip on divine whiskys or try one of the themed, Instagrammable cocktails (hello, Gatsby) — either way, you’re in for a night of pure indulgence.

Furutu is a Japanese fruit cocktail bar

7. Furutu

Located on Peel Street, Furutu is a fun and lighthearted addition to Hong Kong’s bar scene. The first of its kind in the city, the Japanese fruit cocktail bar serves refreshing and creative drinks on the rocks, straight, or in colourful paper cups featuring the brand’s cute characters. On the menu are both sweet and sour drink options that cater to every palate. Would you like a zesty highball or a tantalising ume liquor-based cocktail?  

The Code serves a variety of Bordeaux wines, champagnes and gins

8. The Code

Sprawled across 4,000 square feet of space on the 17th floor of The L Place, The Code draws in the crowds from dusk till dawn. The stylish bar and lounge boasts over 180 types of Bordeaux wines and champagnes and over 200 varieties of gins, so drinking connoisseurs are spoilt for choice. Dance to tunes from DJs like Anil Ahuja and Jamie Maddock and groove till sunrise.

Enter the enchanting world of The Iron Fairies

9. The Iron Fairies

Step into the enchanting world of The Iron Fairies, where 10,000 butterflies adorn the ceiling, iron fairies rest on the tables, and private booths take the shape of giant furnaces. Designed by creative visionary Ashley Sutton, this whimsical bar’s interiors come straight out of a fairytale. Their cocktails are just as mesmerising, with smokey flavours and bartender tricks that will leave you spellbound. And to top it all off, live music performances will have you tapping your feet in delight. 

All images courtesy of individual bars and clubs

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