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Siu Sai Wan to Shek O: view the sea and listen to the sounds of nature

South China Morning Post
  • Written by South China Morning Post

Average hiking time: About 3 hours | Distance: About 7 km | Difficulty: Moderate

Follow the craggy shores of Hong Kong Island, which face out to the wide expanse of the South China Sea. Even on windless days, swells roll in and crash against the shore — the most spectacular cymbals in Mother Nature’s orchestra.

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Stop 1: Siu Sai Wan Promenade

Walk towards Siu Sai Wan Promenade, where you can find the starting point of the Leaping Dragon Walk.

Stop 2: Pottinger Peak View Compass

Start at Siu Sai Wan Promenade and head uphill via Leaping Dragon Walk, serenaded by birdsong, through lush canopy to the Pottinger Peak View Compass.

Stop 3: Rock carving at Big Wave Bay

Take in the sea views, then continue to Big Wave Bay. As you descend, listen to the thunderous sounds of swells pummelling craggy shores. Then take in prehistoric cave drawings before you reach the beach.

Stop 4: Shek O Beach

Continue towards one of Hong Kong Island’s most popular beaches, Shek O, famed for its great views. Listen to the sound of the waves lapping the shore to relax and refresh.


There are village stores near Shek O Beach and Big Wave Bay.

Stop 5: Shek O Headland Road

Walk along to the end of the peninsula via Shek O Headland Road. Hear the full power of nature from the rocky outcrop, as waves beat the exposed shoreline like a drum.

Getting to Siu Sai Wan

  • From MTR Chai Wan Station Exit C, take minibus 47M to Siu Sai Wan (Island Resort). 

Leaving from Shek O

  • Take bus 9 to MTR Shau Kei Wan Station.

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