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Hong Kong Disneyland: the ultimate guide to making magical memories

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Have a magical experience with your favourite Disney characters at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Looking to spend quality time with your loved ones? Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is unlike any other attractions in the city. This is where magic happens, where your dreams come true. With a wide variety of rides and attractions, photo opportunities with popular Disney characters, whimsical shows and experiences for all ages, it’s no wonder the resort is often described as ‘The Happiest Place’ on  earth. Can’t wait to go? Read our ultimate guide to planning an unforgettable trip to Hong Kong Disneyland with your family and friends!

Celebrate sparkling spectaculars

Step into a world of dreams: colourful houses along Main Street U.S.A., futuristic adventures in Tomorrowland, your favourite Disney tales retold in Fantasyland, surprise encounters with Disney Pals, plus Duffy and Friends all around the park… and at the centre of it all, the reimagined Castle of Magical Dreams.

The ‘Momentous’ Nighttime Spectacular at Hong Kong Disneyland combines fireworks, choreographed fountains, lasers and 3D projection mapping

A symbol of courage, hope, and endless possibilities, the majestic castle not only serves as the backdrop for mesmerising shows like the ‘Follow Your Dreams’ daytime performance and the ‘Momentous’ Nighttime Spectacular, it also inspires everyone to pursue their dreams. Its world exclusive design was inspired by the heroic stories of beloved Disney Princesses and Queens, each represented by one of 13 distinct towers to celebrate diversity and inclusion.

The magic doesn’t stop there; here are even more unique experiences that you shouldn’t miss:

The world’s first and largest Frozen-themed land: World of Frozen

World of Frozen

This is a place unlike anything you’ve seen, a place where you can explore, believe, and be part of the Frozen story. Opening on 20 November 2023, World of Frozen is set to be the world’s first and largest Frozen-themed land.

For the first time in forever, you can immerse yourself fully in the epic world of the beloved Frozen films, brought to life before your eyes. Visit the majestic fjord where the kingdom of Arendelle lies, and experience its enchanting landscapes, unique culture and breathtaking adventures. Embark on a musical journey of magic and discovery to Elsa’s Ice Palace on the Frozen Ever After boat ride. Zoom through the rugged and picturesque landscape of Arendelle Forest on Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs carnival coaster. Join Anna and Elsa in a novel and engaging theatrical experience at the Playhouse in the Woods. Eat like a local as you savour traditional Arendellian cuisine at the Golden Crocus Inn, and satisfy your sweet tooth at Northern Delights. Don’t forget to bring the magic back home with some traditional arts and crafts from Tick Tock Toys & Collectibles. 

Visit Hong Kong Disneyland’s official website for more information.

Must-see Disney shows and performances

From musical productions to colourful parades and spectacular firework displays, Disneyland is known for its carefully designed and well-executed shows. During the day, magic seekers can catch a glimpse of beloved Disney princesses and characters at the Mickey & Friends Street Celebration or sit back and enjoy musical theatre shows, such as Festival of the Lion King, Mickey and the Wondrous Book, and the Follow Your Dreams Castle Show, all of which feature live performers, Disney characters and dancers.

And as night falls, get ready for a feast for the senses: the widely acclaimed ‘Momentous’ Nighttime Spectacular. Combining music, fireworks, lasers, 3D projection mapping, choreographed fountains and theatrical lighting, the 20-minute show is a monumental journey filled with memorable moments and heart-warming stories.

Must-hit Disney attractions and experiences

As well as all the magical spectacles, storybook moments and uplifting shows, Hong Kong Disneyland also offers a range of thrilling rides, family-friendly attractions and engaging activities.

Enter Tomorrowland and immerse yourself in the world of Marvel. Fly with Iron Man on an aerial tour of the Hong Kong Stark Tower, or team up with Ant-Man and The Wasp to fight off Swarmbots at the S.H.I.E.L.D. Pavilion in ‘Ant-Man and The Wasp: Nano Battle!’. Hop over to Mystic Manor, a Hong Kong-exclusive attraction, and ride through the enchanted museum with its animated galleries where literally everything comes to life. If you’re looking for more adventurous experiences, make your way over to the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars in Grizzly Gulch or the RC Racer in Toy Story Land to test your limits!

Take selfies with Duffy and Friends

Fans of Disney Pals and Duffy and Friends, get your cameras ready, as your favourite characters are waiting to meet you at the park. And if you’re hungry, indulge in Instagrammable ‘Duffy Fans-tasy’ treats at park and hotel restaurants, and book a hotel stay with the LinaBell-Themed Room Decoration Package for the complete ‘Fans-tasy’ experience.

Where to eat: delightful Disney dishes

Refuel for even more adventures with some tasty Disney-themed treats. For a quick bite inside the park, try the Starliner Diner or Royal Banquet Hall. You can also grab some old-fashioned American pastries at the Main Street Bakery or from one of the many outdoor vending carts. There are plenty of dining options at Disneyland’s hotels for those with a little bit more time on their hands. To taste the flavours of provincial China, visit Dragon Wind at the Disney Explorers Lodge or Crystal Lotus at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, which has exquisite Chinese specialities, fun Disney character-shaped dim sum, and everything in-between. You may even get to meet Disney characters as you dine at hotel restaurants! 

Where to stay: the most magical vacation experience on earth

There are currently three hotels at the park — the Disney Explorers Lodge, the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, and the newly reopened Disney’s Hollywood Hotel. Venture into exotic worlds at Disney Explorers Lodge, featuring spacious themed gardens with decorative artworks that will give mini explorers plenty of room to run around. Travel back in time at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, which is decorated with lavish, Victorian-style interiors. Immerse yourself in Disney movie magic at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel, which celebrates the stars and stories of Disney films through the eras in a glamorous art deco setting. Make your stay even more magical with a room decoration overlay, and take advantage of the complimentary hotel amenities and recreational activities.

Plan your visit

How to get there

Located on Lantau Island, Hong Kong Disneyland has its own MTR resort line that connects from Sunny Bay Station — a short and convenient ride from the airport. It is also accessible from bus routes R33 and R42, as well as taxi.

Book your tickets and hotel stay

If you plan to stay overnight at one of the Disneyland hotels or enjoy the park over two days or more, look out for exclusive park and hotel packages on Disneyland’s website.

Useful tips

Meet your favourite Disney characters like Donald Duck at Hong Kong Disneyland

Here are some useful tips for the most magical experience here in Hong Kong:

  • Looking for Disneyland collectables? Trade exclusive pins with cast members at the park and hotels.
  • Special events happen throughout the year, such as Chinese New Year, Halloween and Christmas. Find special Hong Kong-exclusive themed souvenirs at different areas of the park and hotels all year long.
  • Plan smarter by downloading the Hong Kong Disneyland mobile app to check attraction waiting times. Save time by getting ‘Disney Premier Access’, which gives you priority access to popular attractions, with tailorable options to suit your preferences.
  • Immortalise your magic-filled day with photos! Look for signs indicating where to stand for the most flattering picture or purchase a photo tour package.
  • Guests staying at Disneyland hotels may also choose to spend a day at the park’s Inspiration Lake Recreation Centre, located a bus ride away from MTR Disneyland Resort station. Look forward to a relaxing day by the glittering water at Inspirational Lake. Consider renting a pedal boat or surrey bike for the day for some extra bonding time with loved ones.

Looking for more fun experiences for the whole family? Here are 11 must-try Hong Kong attractions and activities for your holiday.

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