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Discover Hong Kong’s dynamic Harbourfront Shared Spaces

  • Written by Design Anthology
The East Coast Park Precinct in Fortress Hill offers an unobstructed panoramic view of Victoria Harbour

Hong Kong may be known as a concrete jungle, but beyond the towering skyscrapers and dense urban life lie expanses of countryside and glittering ocean, views of which can be enjoyed from some incredible vantage points.

To celebrate the diversity of Hong Kong’s harbourfront spaces, the Development Bureau and Harbourfront Commission were tasked with creating a refreshed, diverse harbourfront environment for public use. The result is the Harbourfront Shared Space initiative, an open-management model of public spaces with fewer restrictions and limitations, intended to encourage people to enjoy the city’s waterside areas in their own ways.

The ‘K-Farm’ community garden at the Belcher Bay Promenade

A key feature of these revamped public spaces, which can be found across the city, is that they have been designed to include family- and pet-friendly elements. At Kennedy Town’s Belcher Bay Promenade, formerly a Public Cargo Working Area, mobile cargo pallets have been used to create a children’s playground and modular seating areas. K-Farm, an NGO-run community garden with various facilities and features, spans 2,000 square metres and offers guided tours and farming activities for all ages.

Visitors can rent pedal boats to enjoy the Victoria Harbour at the Water Sports and Recreation Precinct in Wan Chai

Image by Mike Pickles

The Water Sports and Recreation Precinct in Wan Chai has Harbour FUN pedal boats available for hire, and groups can visit the site’s new floating restaurant or onshore rooftop and al fresco dining areas after. Meanwhile, the Belcher Bay Promenade, East Coast Park Precinct in Fortress Hill, Revitalised Typhoon Shelter Precinct in Causeway Bay and Water Sports and Recreation Precinct in Wan Chai are all pet-friendly, and visitors are welcome to bring their dogs along.

Bringing people closer to the water is another aim of the Harbourfront Shared Space initiative. For example, the East Coast Park Precinct in Fortress Hill — the first breakwater in Victoria Harbour to officially open to the public — offers uninterrupted 360-degree views of the sunset over the ocean. Another feature of the Harbourfront Shared Space initiative is fenceless access to the water, like at the Tsuen Wan Promenade, a popular sunset spot thanks to its prime views of the Ting Kau Bridge.

The Harbourfront Shared Space initiative also focuses on adding arts and culture elements into place-making. The most recent example is the Revitalised Typhoon Shelter Precinct in Causeway Bay, which boasts unobstructed views of the typhoon shelter. Visitors can join the Walla-Walla Culture & Historical Tour to explore the typhoon shelter and Causeway Bay and learn more about the lives of Hong Kong’s fishermen. At HarbourChill, next to Wan Chai Ferry Pier, various interactive pop-up installations and specially designed public furniture have been installed.

The interactive pop-up installation at the Wan Chai HarbourChill during Chinese New Year 2023

Throughout the year, seasonal and festive decorations are added to the harbourfront spaces. For the Lunar New Year festivities in 2023, for example, local artists were invited to create pop-up installations that combined lighting, visual art and interactive games for six of the harbourfront sites.

The project’s next stage will see the promenades on both sides of Victoria Harbour extended to 34 kilometres by 2028.

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