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A guide to Hong Kong’s arts and cultural events throughout the year

Various art and cultural events taking place throughout the year in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is home to a diverse arts and culture scene where you can immerse yourself in a variety of art happenings all year-round, including art exhibitions, film festivals, music festivals and cultural activities. Not only is it a great place to relax, you can also expand your knowledge and experience of local and international art. Here are the major arts events in Hong Kong for you to explore. 

An ode to spring in Hong Kong

Audiences enjoying a live dance performance at the Hong Kong Arts Festival.

© Hong Kong Arts Festival

Hong Kong Arts Festival  

The Hong Kong Arts Festival is one of the biggest events on the city’s art calendar. Every year, from February to March, the festival brings together spectacular performances such as drama, dance, music and opera by international and local artists for art lovers to enjoy. The festival also offers a program aiming to inspire through art both on and off the stage with master classes, backstage visits, exhibitions, film screenings and more.

Diverse artwork displayed at Art Basel Hong Kong, featuring international and Asian artists.

Courtesy of Art Basel

Art Basel Hong Kong 

Having established itself in Switzerland and the US for more than 50 years, Art Basel showcases works from hundreds of prestigious galleries worldwide in its Hong Kong edition, bringing the best art pieces from around the globe to visitors. The event has been held for over 10 years in Hong Kong and is currently one of the largest international arts fairs in the city. Promoting creativity by scouting up-and-coming artists while also displaying works from established artists, it provides an in-depth overview of Asia-Pacific’s astonishing diversity, as well as global artistic perspectives through modern and contemporary works. 

Image courtesy of Art Central; Photo credit by Eric Hong

Image courtesy of Art Central; Photo credit by Eric Hong

Art Central 

Art Central showcases the next generation of talent from Asia’s most innovative galleries alongside distinguished artists from around the world. Aside from extraordinary paintings, photography, sculptures and installations, the event also partners with the educational and cultural sector to curate a diverse range of activities, such as talks, performance art and video art programmes. 

Actors/directors meeting with audiences at the Hong Kong International Film Festival.

Chinese animator LiuJian; © Hong Kong International Film Festival

Hong Kong International Film Festival 

The Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF) is one of oldest film festivals in Asia. From March to April each year, the festival showcases a list of outstanding local, Chinese and Asian films, including new works making their world premiere. During the festival, the works will be screened at different cultural venues in Hong Kong with international actors and directors meeting with audiences to share the stories behind their films.

Artist spraying graffiti on wall during the HKwalls Street Art Festival.

Work by artist Vance; Image by HKwalls; Photo credit by Kyra Campbell

HKwalls Street Art Festival 

Bringing together international and local artists every March, the annual HKwalls Street Art Festival showcases a world of creativity through stunning large-scale murals across various locations in Hong Kong. Apart from the murals, the festival also hosts a series of exhibitions, workshops, guided tours and lectures promoting Hong Kong’s street culture and showcasing the creative process to the audience.

Stage performances at the Hong Kong Pop Culture Festival.

© Leisure and Cultural Services Department

Hong Kong Pop Culture Festival 

Hong Kong Pop Culture Festival pays tribute to popular culture and iconic figures from the golden era of Hong Kong in the 1980s and 1990s through thematic exhibitions, film screenings, stage performances and outreach activities in various formats. These allow participants to witness the preservation, development and evolution of popular culture in Hong Kong.

 3D Mapping projections lighting up the historic facades at Tai Kwun during InnerGlow.

Image courtesy of Tai Kwun | Photography by The Dodos


InnerGlow, one of Tai Kwun’s arts and heritage programmes, uses 3D Mapping technology to project breathtaking animations onto the facades of Tai Kwun’s historic buildings. These awe-inspiring artworks, created by international and local artists, exhibit Hong Kong’s unique identity are expressed through its intangible cultural heritage. Additionally, the Prison Yard transforms into a vast creative workshop space, showcasing the works of emerging artists and providing valuable learning and practical opportunities for students specialising in art, creative media, film and design.  

A summer journey through the world of art

Dance performance amid a large orchestra for the French May Arts Festival

© French May Arts Festival; Photography by Eric Hong

French May Arts Festival 

The French May Arts Festival has become an iconic part of Hong Kong’s cultural scene, featuring programmes across May and June from various art forms such as visual art, music, dance, cinema and puppets. It promotes the fusion of East and West, creating a cultural bridge between Hong Kong and France. The festival brings performances to various venues and districts, including cultural centres, shopping malls, public spaces and Victoria Harbour. 

Art work on display at the Affordable Art Fair.

© Affordable Art Fair

Affordable Art Fair 

As its name suggests, the Affordable Art Fair has been dedicated to making art more affordable and accessible since its inception in London in 1999. Holding art fairs around the world, it brings outstanding works and creative projects from galleries and artists from many countries, as well as a series of interesting activities, including workshops and art tours. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or a casual exhibition-goer, you can find a new appreciation for art at this international event.

International Arts Carnival curates fun-filled performances for both kids and adults.

© Leisure and Cultural Services Department International

International Arts Carnival 

Looking to enjoy art with your little one? Then don’t miss the annual International Arts Carnival. During the summer, local and international art troupes curate fun-filled performances for both kids and adults, covering dance, musicals, puppetry, music and multimedia performances to broaden the audience’s artistic vision and evoke children’s limitless imagination wherever they are in or out of the theatres. There are also online programmes, workshops and interactive exhibitions, including parent-child activities organised by museums and libraries over the summer.

A large orchestra playing at the Chinese Culture Festival.

© Leisure and Cultural Services Department

Chinese Culture Festival 

The Chinese Culture Festival, which designates a focal city each year, had its inaugural edition in 2024 with Shanghai as the focus. The festival celebrates the heritage and beauty of Chinese culture through a variety of fascinating multi-arts programmes, ranging from traditional musical performances and dances, to films, exhibitions, lectures, artist talks and master classes. This includes large-scale performances, select operas from the Chinese Opera Festival and local works recognised by the China National Arts Fund - all aimed at demonstrating the profoundness and wealth of Chinese arts and culture. 

An autumn stroll through culture 

A colourful digital art piece displayed at the Digital Art Fair, offering a multisensory experience.

© Digital Art Fair

Digital Art Fair 

Are you a fan of multimedia art? If so, the Digital Art Fair is for you. It focuses on innovative art created for every demographic that wishes to appreciate, create, and collect digital art. The fair has been adding interactive and fun elements, such as AR and VR, to promote immersive art experiences and minimise the distance between art and the public. The digital artworks not only provide a multisensory art feast, they also accentuate the vitality and diversity of the contemporary digital art world. 


Innovative dance performance at the New Vision Arts Festival.

© Julian Mommert

New Vision Arts Festival 

The New Vision Arts Festival is all about collaboration and fostering connection, bringing the audience a refreshing and multisensory feast of art. In addition to art, they will also curate performances, masterclasses, workshops, stage tours, culture salons and other rich activities, providing a comprehensive art experience. 

Artworks from over 5,000 years of cultural history are on display at Fine Art Asia.

© Fine Art Asia

Fine Art Asia 

Fine Art Asia is the crown jewel of the international art scene featuring museum-grade exhibits. The fair brings together Eastern and Western art, displaying precious works of art from antique collections with historical value alongside innovative modern art. If you’re looking to catch up on historic relics and fine art, this event is for you. 

Visitors enjoying jazz performances at the outdoor Freespace Jazz Fest in West Kowloon Cultural District.

© West Kowloon Cultural District

Freespace Jazz Fest 

Hong Kong isn’t exactly known for jazz music — so you may be surprised by what you’ll hear at the Freespace Jazz Fest. Held at the West Kowloon Cultural District, the festival presents exciting live performances of folk and pop music, Latin jazz and percussion, as well as parent-child jazz experiences, cultural markets, film screening and other activities. Whether you’re a jazz devotee or just looking to have fun with family and friends, you’ll love the relaxing jazzy atmosphere. 

A brilliant display of pyrotechnics bring the musical performance from the Hong Kong Philharmonic to a glorious finish.

© The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra; Photography by Eric Hong

Symphony Under the Stars 

There’s nothing like the Hong Kong Philharmonic’s annual large-scale, outdoor event, Symphony Under the Stars. With a riveting night sky over Victoria Harbour, the Hong Kong Philharmonic takes you on a glamourous journey of classical music. In recent years, there has even been a brilliant display of pyrotechnics to bring the musical performance to a glorious finish while creating an unforgettable experience for the audience. Are you ready to dive into the captivating world of music under the stars?

A wintertime art excursion

The Sai Kung Hoi Arts Festival connects nature with art on islands of Sai Kung.

Sai Kung Hoi Arts Festival 

You can admire the views from the islands in Hong Kong while appreciating art at the Sai Kung Hoi Arts Festival. The festival puts the spotlight on four serene islands: Yim Tin Tsai, Sharp Island, Kau Sai Chau, and High Island. Visitors are invited to embark on a fascinating journey to explore the islands’ tales of local culture and ecology, connecting with nature and discovering art installations along the way. Participants can use art as a bridge to get closer to nature and experience an art healing journey on each island.  

Vibrant stage at Clockenflap, Hong Kong’s largest outdoor music and arts festival.

© Clockenflap 2023; Photography by Kitman Lee

Clockenflap Music and Arts Festival 

As the biggest international outdoor music and arts festival in Hong Kong, Clockenflap is known for its stellar line-up of performers, delivering an electrifying mix of global superstars, beloved local acts and rising talents to captivate music fans with their exciting stage performances. Beyond the music, Clockenflap has earned widespread acclaim for its festival experience. Set against the glittering backdrop of Hong Kong and featuring multiple stages, tempting culinary delights, Instagram-worthy art installations and family-friendly attractions, it creates the perfect setting for people of all ages to enjoy an unforgettable weekend of music, arts and entertainment.

Exterior of the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (JCCAC) where there are more than 100 artists and art organisations.

JCCAC Festival 

Usually held in December, the JCCAC Festival promotes local culture and art through free art and culture activities such as film screenings, exhibitions, tours, talks, handmade products bazaars and workshops. The JCCAC Festival also partners up with local artists to raise public interest in art and encourage visitors to experience art in their own ways.  

A giant puppet at the Arts in the Parkevent.

© Hong Kong Youth Art Foundation

Arts in the Park 

The Arts in the Park is an annual youth art programme. A large-scale outdoor festival jointly produced by locals and oversea artists, alongside the stage of performances, it includes a spectacular parade of giant puppets and carnival costumes, art stalls and more. The free and open-for-all carnival runs for two consecutive days and is suitable for families and friends to experiences a weekend full of festivities.

Can’t get enough of art? Here are some of the Best Performance Art Groups to See in Hong Kong.   

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