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Hong Kong’s top summer expos in 2022

Get ready for an exciting summer in Hong Kong as this year’s Hong Kong Book Fair, Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong, Hong Kong Food Expo and Hong Kong Computer and Communications Festival await — time to explore the latest trends about culture, food and technology!

Hong Kong Book Fair

Hong Kong Book Fair: the city’s biggest book fest

Taglined ‘Reading the World: Stories of Hong Kong’, the Book Fair of this year will take you through the history and stories of Hong Kong, complemented by renowned writers’ seminar series, storytelling performances by celebrities and other cultural events. Ticket holders of the Book Fair can also visit the Hong Kong Sports & Leisure Expo and the World of Snacks on the same day, so make the most of your ticket!

Date: 20–26 July

Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong

Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong: an ani-com paradise

This year’s festival will bring together the greatest hits of animations, comics, video games, toy figures and performances. A large number of creative products embracing the metaverse concept will be introduced and give fans an exceptional experience. The fun Doujin Zone and ElefunPop Art & Toy Show will also be held again.

Date: 29 July to 2 August

Hong Kong Food Expo

Hong Kong Food Expo: a must-visit for food lovers

This year’s Food Expo will assemble different food exhibitors and bring you a great selection of delicacies from around the world. The venue will be divided into the Public Hall and the Gourmet Zone, showcasing a wide range of food and beverage items. This year, the Gourmet Zone will introduce a new ‘Beer Cheers’ zone, in addition to the five classic thematic zones, namely ‘Asian Cuisine’, ‘Western Delicacy’, ‘Green Palate’, ‘Sweet Delight’ and ‘Coffee Avenue’. Get ready to relax and enjoy a big feast.

After satisfying your food cravings, don’t forget to visit HKTDC Home Delights Expo, HKTDC Beauty & Wellness Expo and HKTDC Hong Kong International Tea Fair.

Date: 11–15 August

Hong Kong Computer and Communications Festival

Hong Kong Computer and Communication Festival: a tech carnival

In addition to promoting the latest technologies, this year’s Hong Kong Computer and Communications Festival will feature the metaverse and unravel its mystery. There will be on-site virtual platforms, including a virtual Ocean Park, and an AI x AR service platform to experience 3D online entertainment. Not only can you explore endless possibilities in the metaverse, but you can also shop for a wide array of tech products and get to know the latest tech trends.

Date: 19–22 August

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