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7 of the best halal food places in Hong Kong

  • Written by Halaltrip
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Islam has been practiced in Hong Kong for more than 175 years and Muslims in the city come from diverse backgrounds. This means that you’re not restricted to Cantonese halal cooking, but can also enjoy the flavours of other regional Chinese dishes along with Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Indonesian cuisines. Alternatively, there are plenty of vegetarian and vegan cafes, Buddhist and Indian restaurants.

Halal Chinese Food on Hong Kong Island

1. Islamic Centre Canteen

Islamic Centre Canteen opened in 1981 and is situated on the 5th floor of a local mosque and Islamic centre (please dress appropriately). Take the lift, or the stairs to work up your appetite, and you’ll soon find yourself at one of the classic round tables. Open from breakfast till dinner, do come early and avoid arriving after 2:30pm for a better selection of dim sum, which finishes at 3pm. It is known for being ‘the only place for halal Cantonese cuisine in town’. Order any dim sum you fancy (the steamed glutinous rice with chicken in lotus leaf comes highly recommended) along with rice, noodles or Cantonese stir-fried dishes.

Note that this restaurant is reserved for Muslims only from Friday to Sunday, and Public Holidays.

2. LockCha Tea House

LockCha Tea House

LockCha Tea House is a charming place where you can experience some tranquility in the heart of the busy city while enjoying freshly-made vegetarian dim sum from the small menu. Bringing a revival of traditional Cantonese-style teahouse culture, at LockCha you will lock yourself away from the world and might even experience live Chinese music if you come at tea time on a Sunday (4:30–6:30pm).

3. Wai Kee

Wai Kee is a hidden gem inside a local cooked food centre. It is said that you cannot leave Hong Kong without tasting the roast duck at this unpretentious spot, and it really is something to savour. Enter at street level then take the lift or stairs to the food centre on the first floor. Order the popular roast duck with rice or noodle. The tender mutton curry will not disappoint either.

4. Warung Malang

Warung Malang

Drop by this humble Warung Malang if you feel like having a different dining experience from the local Chinese cuisine. Indonesian expats flock to this joint because the menu is authentic and fresh. From satay to soup-based dishes (soto, rawon); a variety of snacks and colourful desserts, Warung Malang will not disappoint.

Halal Chinese food in Kowloon, Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok

5. Hung’s Chinese Restaurant

Hung’s Chinese Restaurant is a small joint inside Chungking Mansions, not far from the Kowloon Mosque. With an impressive array of Chinese cuisine on the menu, you can dine while enjoying the free Wi-Fi. Their special stir-fry dishes include the coveted Chinese caterpillar fungus flowers stir-fried with chicken and their fish maw, mushroom and vegetables. Embark on a Chinese culinary adventure!

6. Islam Food

Islam Food is a longstanding establishment that began in the 1950s when owner Old Mr. Ma sold beefcakes, fried dumplings, and salted soya drinks. Credit goes to Old Mr Ma who learnt how to make a Pakistani curry while working at Police Station No.7 in Sheung Wan with Muslim police officers back in the 1930s, thanks to whom we can now enjoy this delicious curry in Hong Kong.

Its popularity among locals is evident from its various local food awards. Their signature dish may look similar to other Halal Chinese restaurants (such as veal goulash and curry lamb chop), but their hot & sour soup and cold platter (spiced beef shank, tripe, tendon, chicken, jellyfish and ox tongue) may also interest the adventurous foodie. Be sure to try the succulent xiao long bau (steamed beef dumplings). This restaurant has two outlets.

Other halal food in Tsim Sha Tsui

7. Istanbul Kebab

Istanbul Kebab invites you into a small but cosy restaurant, where you will feast over a delicious range of well-marinated kebabs from Adana to Istanbul. Kebabs aside, this place also serves the classic Turkish dishes with flair, such as stuffed cabbage, stuffed grape leaves and stuffed eggplant. Your craving for Mediterranean cuisine is sure to be satisfied at Istanbul Kebab.

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