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Tsing Yi Nature Trails: climb to the top for a stunning view of the sea, mountains and bridges

South China Morning Post
  • Written by South China Morning Post

Average hiking time: About 2 hours | Distance: About 4 km | Difficulty: Very easy

These trails take you up many steps, but it’s worth the climb for the sweeping views of the waters, bridges and lands surrounding Tsing Yi Island. There are many sitting-out areas along the way. Be sure not to overlook the wild flowers, such as Bougainvillea in vibrant fuchsia shades, and Trailing Lantana with small purple flowers.

Get a 360° preview of Hong Kong's outdoors

Stop 1: Tsing Yi Nature Trails

You can’t miss it, the long staircase marks the entrance of the Tsing Yi Nature Trails.

Stop 2: Ching Hom Path

Climb the stairs up, look out over the Ting Kau Bridge and Tuen Mun Highway at Ching Hom Path. Keep right when you reach a pavilion, with its commanding views of the Tsing Ma Bridge and container ships.

Stop 3: Ching Wan Path

Turn left to follow Ching Hom Path down to the five-way junction point where it meets the Kwai Tsing Celebration of Reunification Health Trail, and the Ching Wan Path. Take the Ching Wan Path fork to the left.

Stop 4: Pavilion 1

You may want to stop to take in more views of the channels and high-rises below and mountains across the water at Pavilion 1.

Stop 5: Tsing Yi Road West

You’ll arrive at Tsing Yi Road West, passing the archway announcing the south entrance to the Tsing Yi Nature Trails.


A convenience store and supermarket can be found in Cheung Wang Estate.

Getting to Tsing Yi Nature Trails

  • From MTR Tsing Yi Station Exit A1, take bus 248M to the last stop at Cheung Wang Estate. Alight the bus and walk up Liu To Road, past the Fresh Water Service Reservoir to find the north entrance of the Tsing Yi Nature Trails on the right.

Leaving from Tsing Yi Road West

  • When you exit the trails, turn left onto Tsing Yi Road West. Take bus 279X from Ching Wah Court Bus Stop to MTR Tsing Yi Station.

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