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12 museums for family days out in Hong Kong

Sassy Hong Kong
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The Hong Kong Science Museum offers a range of kids-friendly exhibits.

Want to make your family holiday a fun and educational one? Then look no further than Hong Kong’s family-friendly museums. Learn just about everything — from astronomical wonders to locomotive history to contemporary art — at these 12 iconic museums perfect for kids and adults alike.

From Earth to space

1. Hong Kong Science Museum

Located in Tsim Sha Tsui East, the four-storey Hong Kong Science Museum is home to a collection of over 500 exhibits on mechanics, acoustics, optics, electromagnetism, etc. More than 70 per cent of the exhibits are interactive installations, which make learning about science a fun experience for the whole family.

Don’t miss…

Hong Kong Science Museum
Address: 2 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon
Website: https://hk.science.museum/

2. Hong Kong Space Museum

Explore the wonders of astronomy at the Hong Kong Space Museum

Conveniently located by the Tsim Sha Tsui harbourfront, the Hong Kong Space Museum is one of the most iconic architectural landmarks in the city, thanks to its unique egg-shaped structure. Delve into the mysteries of space with 3D Dome or Omnimax shows at the planetarium and immersive virtual reality experiences with your little ones at the virtual space station.

Don’t miss…

  1. The Space Theatre is equipped with a giant hemispherical projection dome, spanning 23 m in diameter. The planetarium features 3D Dome or Omnimax shows with themes centred around space or nature. These shows are very popular — check the theatre schedule and purchase tickets in advance here.

  2. The interactive exhibit ‘Moon | Mars VR’ uses real scientific data to create a virtual reality experience of our Moon and Mars, allowing visitors to walk through the landing zones of Chang’e-4 and Tianwen-1. (Note: the exhibit is suitable for persons aged 13 or above only.)

  3. Get a feel of weightlessness in space at the virtual space station located at the Hall of Space Exploration.
Good to know
Good to know
  • Admission to the Hong Kong Space Museum and the Hong Kong Science Museum is free on Wednesdays.
  • The Hong Kong Space Museum is located next to Hong Kong Museum of Art, while the Hong Kong Science Museum is located next to the Hong Kong Museum of History. Visitors may consider ticking off two museums in one go.

Hong Kong Space Museum
Address: 10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Website: https://hk.space.museum/

History of Hong Kong

3. Hong Kong Museum of History

A wealth of exhibits tells the unique history of Hong Kong

How did Hong Kong look like 400 million years ago? How has Hong Kong people’s lives changed over the years? You’ll find the answers at the Hong Kong Museum of History, where ‘The Hong Kong Story’ exhibition tells the story of the territory through a plethora of exhibits. From antique pottery models that date back to the Eastern Han dynasty (AD 25–220), to contemporary collectibles from the 1960s, the exhibition takes you on a fascinating journey through Hong Kong’s history.

Hong Kong Museum of History
Address: 100 Chatham Road South, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon
Website: https://hk.history.museum/

4. Hong Kong Railway Museum

Antique coaches on display at the Hong Kong Railway Museum

Located in the heart of Tai Po Market in the New Territories is the open-air Hong Kong Railway Museum. Formerly the Tai Po Market Station of the Kowloon-Canton Railway, it was converted into a museum at its original location — now also a declared monument — with a collection of artefacts and exhibits that document Hong Kong’s railway development.

The Hong Kong Railway Museum houses relics of the former Tai Po Station, two locomotives, historical coaches, a diesel-electric engine, as well as photos and models of trains from around the world. Be sure to take plenty of pictures with your little ones on the outdoor railway tracks and aboard the antique coaches!

Hong Kong Railway Museum
Address: 13 Shung Tak Street, Tai Po Market, Tai Po, New Territories
Website: https://www.heritagemuseum.gov.hk/en_US/web/hm/museums/railway.html 

5. Hong Kong Heritage Museum

The Hong Kong Heritage Museum in Shatin

If you’re curious about Hong Kong’s pop culture, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum’s permanent exhibition ‘Hong Kong Pop 60+’ is for you. It’s all about Hong Kong’s popular culture from the post-war period to the early 2000s, covering music, films, television, radio programmes and comics. Parents can share their favourite movies and pop songs from back in their days with their kids, or take them to the Children’s Discovery Gallery. The play zones there offer fun games that allow them to discover artefacts excavated in Hong Kong, explore life in a traditional New Territories village, and much more.

Hong Kong Heritage Museum
Address: 1 Man Lam Road, Sha Tin, New Territories
Website: https://www.heritagemuseum.gov.hk/ 

6. Tai Hang Fire Dragon Heritage Centre

Tai Hang Fire Dragon Heritage Centre

Each year at the Mid-Autumn Festival, the residents of Tai Hang hold a mesmerising fire dragon dance to pray for blessings. This incredible spectacular is a three-night event that takes place from the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival to the day after the festival. The tradition dates back to the 19th century, and has become a popular festival with locals and visitors. Find out more about the tradition at the Tai Hang Fire Dragon Heritage Centre, where the fire dragon dance is projected using advanced visual technologies, and the cultural heritage and making of the fire dragon are exhibited in detail. The centre also houses a Hakka-themed restaurant and souvenir shop for the whole family to experience this unique culture of Hong Kong as they dine and shop.

Tai Hang Fire Dragon Heritage Centre
Address: 12 School Street, Tai Hang, Hong Kong Island
Website: https://www.firedragon.org.hk/

7. Lai Chi Wo Story Room

Hong Kong is today a metropolis, but its rich history, traditions and culture are not forgotten. Lai Chi Wo village, for example, has a history of well over 300 years and is one of the oldest, largest, and best-preserved rural settlements in Hong Kong. Visit the Lai Chi Wo Story Room to learn more about the rural Hakka village’s history, villagers’ life in the past, and Hakka traditional medicine, songs and wedding customs. It’s also a great place to get close to nature with your little ones!

Lai Chi Wo Story Room
Address: 10 Lai Chi Wo Village, New Territories
Website: https://www.chinachemgroup.com/en/news/multimedia-library/lai-chi-wo-story-room 

Good to know
Good to know

After visiting the Lai Chi Wo Story Room, you may also want to visit the nearby Mui Tsz Lam Story Museum and Siu Ying Story Room to learn more about Hakka culture and biodiversity in the area.

Art and culture

8. Hong Kong Museum of Art

Glass curtain walls give the Hong Kong Museum of Art a contemporary look

Image by Hong Kong Museum of Art

The Hong Kong Museum of Art is located on the Tsim Sha Tsui harbourfront and is the first public art museum in Hong Kong. The museum has four core collections: Chinese Antiquities, Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, China Trade Art, and Modern and Hong Kong Art. To promote art education to the next generation, the museum incorporates interactive elements into its exhibitions and programmes, encouraging parents and their little ones to have fun while exploring the museum.

Hong Kong Museum of Art
Address: 10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Website: https://hk.art.museum/

9. West Kowloon Cultural District: M+ and Hong Kong Palace Museum

The West Kowloon Cultural District is an incredible place for families to spend a day together while appreciating the arts, culture and history. Families can start the morning with a tour of the Hong Kong Palace Museum, where they can view over 900 precious artefacts from the Palace Museum in Beijing. Then, spend the afternoon at the chic and modern M+ to admire local and internationally renowned artworks. Finish off the day by dining at the artful eateries in the district.

Good to know
Good to know

Both M+ and Hong Kong Palace Museum organise activities and workshops for families. M+ regularly hosts Family Days on Sundays in the second half of each month, inviting parents and children to express their creativity through interactive learning experiences.

Make reservations online:
M+ events: https://www.mplus.org.hk/en/events/

Hong Kong Palace Museum events: https://www.hkpm.org.hk/en/event

Address: M+, West Kowloon Cultural District, 38 Museum Drive, Kowloon
Website: https://www.mplus.org.hk/

Hong Kong Palace Museum
Address: West Kowloon Cultural District, 8 Museum Drive, Kowloon
Website: https://www.hkpm.org.hk/

Bon voyage

10. Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence

The Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence is located on a headland overlooking Lyemun Pass.

Located on a headland overlooking Lyemun Pass, the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence was converted from the old Lyemun Fort and is the city’s only military museum. It reopened at the end of 2022 after completing major renewal works. Here, parents and kids can learn about Hong Kong’s coastal defence and military affairs from as far back as the Tang dynasty (618–907). On a clear day, take a walk along the military-themed Historical Trail where century-old batteries, anti-aircraft guns, underground ammunition depots and torpedo installations are on display. The viewing platforms are great spots for snapping photos of the breathtaking Lyemun Pass.

Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence
Address: 175 Tung Hei Road, Shau Kei Wan, Hong Kong Island
Website: https://hk.coastaldefence.museum/ 

11. Hong Kong Maritime Museum

A vast collection of exhibits in Hong Kong Maritime Museum.

Hong Kong’s history and development are deeply intertwined with the sea. The Hong Kong Maritime Museum revisits Hong Kong’s transformation from a small fishing village to a major international trade port through a vast collection of 1,200 exhibits. It’s more than just a fun history lesson; kids will love steering container barge, high-speed boat, and even the famous historic Star Ferry in the museum’s state-of-the-art Ship Bridge Simulator.

Hong Kong Maritime Museum
Address: Central Pier No. 8, Hong Kong Island
Website: https://www.hkmaritimemuseum.org/

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