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The best artistic cakes and creative desserts in Hong Kong

A display of colourful and creative cakes with different designs, decorations and shapes.

It’s no surprise that Hong Kong, one of Asia’s largest art hubs, offers desserts that showcase great artistic flair. There’s no shortage of creative cakes and designer desserts prepared by artistic studios and famous pastry chefs, or served within art venues and museums. Here are 10 must-visit places in Hong Kong where you can indulge in photo-worthy desserts or simply appreciate the beauty of these edible works of art.

Where to find original artistic and creative desserts in Hong Kong

There’s plenty to draw inspiration from in Hong Kong, from its contrasting East-meets-West culture, unique landscape of urban skyline and lush greenery, as well as the city’s rich history and passion for staying up-to-date with the latest food trends!

Twinkle Baker Décor store front displaying unique cakes like a gumball machine, Rubik’s Cube cat and dinosaurmonster and other designs.

Twinkle Baker Décor

Once a small local cakery, homegrown brand Twinkle Baker Décor has become renowned for its artistic and whimsical cake creations. Here, you’ll find cakes featuring popular cartoon characters or that pay homage to Hong Kong’s nostalgic toys and cha chaan tengs. Alongside these offerings, there are bite-sized treats resembling adorable animals and fruits, ideal for on-the-go indulgence.

Twinkle Baker Décor has various locations across Hong Kong.

Oookie Cookie’s food imitation cakes resemble various diner foods such as pineapple bun, lemon tea, fish ball noodles and more.

Oookie Cookie

An artisan bakery, Oookie Cookie specialises in customised chewy cookies. But the real gems here are the food imitation cakes! From cakes that look like a realistic cup of iced milk tea and egg tarts, to a bowl of barbecued pork with rice or fish ball noodles, this is a delightful place to browse incredibly creative desserts. Don’t forget to look for the “one bite” boxes of shortbread or meringues shaped like unicorns, ducks, sea animals, happy bugs, and even the poop emoji or mahjong tiles.

Oookie Cookie, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island

Cute cartoons cakes from The Cakery in the form of a dinosaur, hedgehog, sheep and llama.

The Cakery

If you love super-cute and artistic confections but are concerned about excessive sugar, let us introduce you to The Cakery. This cake shop specialises in health-conscious desserts, accommodating various dietary restrictions and preferences. However, there is no compromise on taste or appearance! The cakes at The Cakery are as artistic as they come, with a variety of trendy treats aside from the 3D cakes, such as dessert cups, cupcakes, sliced cakes, and cookie pops. There are also intriguing flavours such as pandan mochi, black sesame tofu and lemon tea.

The Cakery has various locations across Hong Kong.

La Famille Cake’s Bavarois raindrop cake decorated with edible flowers and fruit.

La Famille Cake

Influenced by the designs of modern fashion, a standout at La Famille Cake is its signature Bavarois collection, inspired by the French mousse-like dessert and bejewelled with colourful fresh fruits and edible flowers. At this cake shop, the creative desserts also highlights East Asian flavours like Japanese peach and yuzu. But don’t miss the artistically decorated chiffon cakes that come in unconventional colours like pinks and purples, and flavours like taro, Thai tea, Earl Grey, rose and lychee.

La Famille Cake has various locations across Hong Kong.

Nun Desserts Cafe’s melon bingsu is visually appealing and full of flavour.

Nun Desserts Cafe

Get your camera ready for your visit to Nun Desserts Cafe where the desserts here are truly aesthetically pleasing. Try their signature Korean sherbet, spaghetti ice creams or waffles, intentionally crafted to please the eyes. The desserts are drizzled and dusted with delicious flavours and adorned with pretty toppings such as fresh fruit, rainbow sprinkles, rice balls, macarons, Oreos and cheesecake cubes. Just be sure to capture your perfect shot for the ‘Gram quickly before it melts!

Nun Desserts Cafe, Mong Kok, Kowloon

The most artistic restaurants and cafes in Hong Kong

Did you know? March is considered Hong Kong’s month for art; packed with world-renowned events such as Art Basel and Art Central. But the city sees all kinds of art fairs and bazaars year-round and is home to many galleries and museums that display exhibitions and workshops month to month. Get in on the action when you visit one of these art-focused cafes or indulge in an immersive menu.

A table of exclusively designed art-printed coffees and dessert for M+, inspired by Yayoi Kusama‘s classic yellow and black polka dot artwork.

CURATOR Creative Café at M+

Not only does the CURATOR Group lead art and culture events and exhibitions, but it also ventures into edible art with a cafe located at the M+ museum called CURATOR Creative Café at M+. The cafe features artistically curated gastronomic offerings inspired by maestros and big names in the art world, providing a resonant and meaningful encounter with art and dining. One highlight is the “art print coffee”, which allows you to enjoy a cup of coffee decorated with an art print of your choice. You can even personalise photos by simply airdropping your photos directly to their machine.

CURATOR Creative Café at M+, West Kowloon Cultural District, Kowloon

Zeni Rone’s signature ‘Fujisan’ dessert is an artistically-designed plate of matcha mousse cake in the shape of Mount Fuji.

Zeni Rone

This Japanese-style cafe is located inside the multicomplex MOKO and has over 120 flavours of Mlesna Tea! Everything about Zeni Rone is artistic — you’ll love the gorgeous interiors and beautiful treats, with cakes, choux pastries, puffs and croissants that are all imported from Japan. With meticulously plated desserts and intentional designs creating visually appealing layers and textures, it’s no surprise the menu here was designed by a former five-star hotel chef.

Zeni Rone, Mong Kok, Kowloon

Fleur’s “The Art of Sweet” is an edible art piece mixing edible flowers with fresh fruit.


A breakfast and brunch diner, Fleur specialises in flower-themed spreads — with delicious dishes decorated with fresh, edible blooms and petals, providing a beautiful touch of colour to your meal. Make sure to order the signature “The Art of Sweet” vanilla panna cotta, with homemade honey-roasted granola, orange peel, vanilla sauce, fresh fruits and berries and edible flowers. Adding to its appeal, this eatery is located in The Mills, a revitalised building that also houses a textile heritage museum called CHAT (Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile), allowing you to further explore art during your visit.

Fleur, Tsuen Wan, New Territories 

Must-try desserts created by famous pastry chefs and artists in Hong Kong

Hong Kong boasts award-winning restaurants and hotels, so it’s no surprise that the city has plenty of celebrity-worthy chefs (with multiple accolades under their belt and some even with a stint on television!). You won’t want to leave the city without sampling a delectable dessert made by an artisan patissier.

CulinArt 1862’s "Signature Dessert Presentation" is a mixed platter of artistically presented desserts, enhanced by swirling dry ice fog, evoking the enchantment of a "Winter Wonderland."

CulinArt 1862

Chef Stanley Wong blends his distinctive cooking styles of Asian and European cuisines at CulinArt 1862, where he crafts contemporary menus designed with artistry and exquisite taste. Chef Wong has worked at acclaimed hotels and restaurants and has featured on cooking shows and in culinary publications. For a truly show-stopping finish to your meal, experience the Chef’s Dinner Tasting Menu with the mesmerising Signature Dessert Presentation - a smorgasbord of sweet treats artfully arranged on a platter with dry ice fog for dramatic effect.

CulinArt 1862, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island 

Patisserie Tony Wong’s number 18 cake with special designa andcovered with elegant floral and fruit decorations.

Patisserie Tony Wong

Tony Wong has over 40 years of experience in pastry making — so you know this cake shop isn’t one to miss! Renowned for his elegant and original creations, the desserts at Patisserie Tony Wong are indulgent and artistic, with fun collections including smash cakes in creative themes such as a fortune doll, Cinderella carriage, unicat and trophy, and cakes shaped like roses, letters or numbers, and imitation food. For a quick bite, grab a Sweet Boutique gift box or elegantly designed pastry.

Patisserie Tony Wong has various locations across Hong Kong. 

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