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Before hitting the road, check out these bicycling tips

There are plenty of places to enjoy Hong Kong on two wheels. Get outside, feel the breeze and follow these tips to experience bicycle riding in Hong Kong to the fullest. 

  1. Carefully make a plan and familiarise yourself with your route. Plan as much of your route along available cycle tracks as possible.

  2. Gauge whether your fitness level is appropriate for the difficulty level of the route.

  3. Pay attention to weather conditions.

  4. If you need to cycle on the highway, take extra care regarding road conditions and note the actions of other road users.

  5. Do not ride on expressways or within tunnel areas.

  6. Check the condition of your bike before paying for a rental. Be sure you understand the terms and conditions, including rental costs, duration and bike return location etc.

  7. Ensure your bike is equipped with a bell.

  8. Wear a safety helmet and pads.

  9. Useful items to bring include a map, water, food, raincoat and first aid kit. Ensure your belongings are firmly attached to the bike.

  10. Obey traffic light signals, traffic signs and road markings.

  11. On cycling tracks, you must ride in single file, except when overtaking. Ride along the left side of the track and keep clear of the kerb. Do not drift from side to side or zigzag through traffic.

  12. Keep a safe distance from bicycles in front of you and be prepared for them to stop suddenly.

  13. In the event of inclement weather, be careful of slippery road surfaces and consider shortening or cancelling your cycling plans.

  14. When cycling in the dark or at times of poor visibility, turn on a white light in front and a red light at the rear of your bicycle.

  15. Do not carry passengers. Do not carry any goods or animals that might obstruct your vision or upset your balance.

  16. In the event of an emergency, call 112 or 999.


Useful telephone numbers:

24-hour emergency helpline:    999 / 112

Hong Kong Observatory:         +852 1878 200

Transport Department:              1823

Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department hotline:   +852 2708 8885

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