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Dine at Hong Kong’s top Michelin-starred restaurants

  • Written by Localiiz
Tandoori cauliflower at New Punjab Club

Tandoori cauliflower at New Punjab Club

In a city as historically rich as Hong Kong, its storied past has allowed people from a vast array of cultures to converge. One way these connections are formed is through food, as reflected by Hong Kong’s vibrant and diverse dining scene. In Hong Kong, you can dine at a different restaurant every day for a decade and still have new eateries to explore. Here, you will find that restaurants of all fares and price ranges can be recognised by the prestigious Michelin Guide, and you can delight in a taste of high-quality international dining — if you know where to look. With some of the world’s best restaurants right at your fingertips, here are a few that have gained recognition consistently throughout the years.

Affordable: for cheap and cheerful eats

Yat Lok (Cantonese BBQ) 1*

If you would like a history lesson as a side dish to your meal, then Yat Lok Get me there {{title}} {{taRatingReviewTotal}} {{taRatingReviewText}} Address {{address}} Website {{website}} More info is the place to be. Here, the Chu family has been roasting meat for over 60 years, and Yat Lok is most famous for its meticulously prepared signature roast goose that goes through over 20 preparatory steps before it meets the grill. Sink your teeth into their tender goose and try to figure out the ingredients to their secret marinade recipe! The late, great Anthony Bourdain gave Yat Lok his seal of approval during his travels to Hong Kong, and lines often go down the street for a meal here, so it’s best to come early. If your luck runs out and their roasted goose is sold out for the day, rest assured that their melt-in-your-mouth BBQ pork roast is a worthy consolation prize.

Satay skewers

Lucky Indonesia (Indonesian) (Bib Gourmand)

Don’t be fooled by the cosy, no-frills dining room; Lucky Indonesia Get me there {{title}} {{taRatingReviewTotal}} {{taRatingReviewText}} Address {{address}} Website {{website}} More info , a hole-in-the-wall Kwun Tong stalwart, has served up classic Indonesian fare for over 20 years. If you’re interested in trying authentic Middle Java favourites packed full of flavour, this is the place, and make sure to come hungry. Go for classics like charcoal-roasted satay skewers and Nasi Goreng, and you can eat like a king for less than $200 per person.

Mid-range: for casual dining

New Punjab Club (Indian) 1*

For a taste of authentic Pakistani and Northern Indian cuisine, there is no better place to go than New Punjab Club . Prepare to have your spice tolerance challenged with their famous Masalewali chanp — succulent, smoky lamb chops that are roasted in the in-house tandoor grill. Follow with irresistible, bite-sized tandoori cauliflower and mop up your plate with fragrant, silky butter naan that will have you coming back for more. Helmed by Michelin-starred chef Palash Mitra, formerly of Gymkhana in London, the team draws from his fine-dining background for technical finesse with signature, powerful Punjabi flavours.

Thai food of Samsen

Samsen (Thai) (Bib Gourmand)

You know a restaurant is worth visiting when there is always a long queue snaking around the building. Samsen Get me there {{title}} {{taRatingReviewTotal}} {{taRatingReviewText}} Address {{address}} Website {{website}} More info , a casual Thai noodle shop by the historical Blue House cluster, serves up bowls of their signature Thai boat noodles, and they’re one of the best and most genuine in town. Don’t be fooled by the diverse kitchen team; chef Adam Cliff is a protégé of celebrated Thai cuisine expert David Thompson and all authentic Thai ingredients are freshly imported straight from the markets of Bangkok. The street-stall inspired decor and hearty portions of simple and delicious food will transport you straight to Thailand without hurting your wallet. Pair your noodles off with a wok-fried Thai watercress and fried marinated pork collar for the full experience.

Fine-dining: for special occasions

Lung King Heen (Cantonese) 2*

For a rare opportunity to taste masterful and memorable Cantonese cuisine, make a trip to Lung King Heen Get me there {{title}} {{taRatingReviewTotal}} {{taRatingReviewText}} Address {{address}} Website {{website}} More info . Treat yourself to sweeping views of Victoria Harbour from high up at the Four Seasons Hotel while nibbling on flawlessly executed dishes, like the unmissable Peking duck and chef Chan Yan Tak’s unique baked whole abalone puff with diced chicken, which has spawned many copycats around the city, none of which are as mouth-watering as the real thing. 


Amber (French contemporary) 2*

With plenty of accolades and awards under its belt, you can be sure that dining at Amber Get me there {{title}} {{taRatingReviewTotal}} {{taRatingReviewText}} Address {{address}} Website {{website}} More info is a culinary adventure you will remember as a highlight of your trip to Hong Kong. Famous for its unique brand of bold haute cuisine, here you can experience a refined meeting of classical French cuisine and top-notch ingredients sourced mostly from Japan. No two dishes are ever the same, and Amber has done away with dairy and gluten, making it more welcoming to foodies with diverse dietary needs, while still maintaining the exquisite tastes that keep diners coming back.

Bo Innovation (Cantonese fusion)

Bo Innovation (Cantonese fusion) 2*

Have you ever tried ‘X-treme Chinese’ cuisine? A must–visit, if you dare, is Bo Innovation Get me there {{title}} {{taRatingReviewTotal}} {{taRatingReviewText}} Address {{address}} Website {{website}} More info , a restaurant that pays homage to Hong Kong culture from its decor to its menu. Where else can you find a ‘shark-fin soup’ dessert made from peach gum? Blending traditional Chinese techniques with French flavour influences, the innovative dishes by celebrity chef Alvin Leung will ignite your imagination while still imparting a taste of true Cantonese culture. 

Sushi Saito (Japanese)

Sushi Saito (Japanese) 1* 

Looking for a divine and exclusive Japanese omakase experience? You’ll want to go to Sushi Saito Get me there {{title}} {{taRatingReviewTotal}} {{taRatingReviewText}} Address {{address}} Website {{website}} More info , where you can indulge in authentic Edomae-style sushi and fresh seasonal seafood. Chef Takashi Saito handpicks the produce every morning in Tokyo, from where it is transported to Hong Kong on the same day, so all customers feel the touch of personalised attention for their elegant meal. You never know what you’ll get upon your visit, which keeps things exciting, but you don’t want to leave your reservation until the last minute, as this sushi-ya only serves 16 guests and bookings fill up fast. No need to go to Japan for a taste of chef Saito’s genius; the quality here rivals the original three Michelin-starred Sushi Saito in Tokyo.  


Arcane (European contemporary) 1*

Aussie Michelin-starred chef Shane Osborn’s extensive experience as well as exquisite palate shines through at Arcane Get me there {{title}} {{taRatingReviewTotal}} {{taRatingReviewText}} Address {{address}} Website {{website}} More info , an elegant and discreet restaurant hidden from the busy streets of Central. Serving modern European cuisine made with locally grown produce (some even coming straight from their terrace) and featuring the city’s first vegan and vegetarian fine dining tasting menu, guests can observe their dishes being made through the open kitchen. 

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