Hong Kong Asia's World City
Old Town Central
Old Town Central

Go beneath Hong Kong’s glamorous surface, beyond its dazzling intensity and into its many neighbourhoods.

These neighbourhoods are where you’ll experience Hong Kong in close-up detail. And each is a destination in its own right. Like cities within a city, each has its own culture and personality, shaped over time by fascinating people, communities and stories, as well as rich and varied histories.

Below, you can find out how to experience these neighbourhoods like a local. With feature articles, insights from residents, itineraries and more, you’ll discover the Hong Kong missed by most guidebooks.

Happy exploring!

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More Neighbourhoods

Eastern District

Eastern District has always depended on its waterfront situ, though the factories, wharves and dockyards have given way to sky-high residential blocks and swish offices, hotels and malls.

Islands District

Discover a different side of Hong Kong by venturing out to one of its 250+ islands – whether you’re seeking action and adventure or serenity, escaping the city is easy.

Southern District

Vibrant city, lush mountains and sparkling surf: the Southern District lets you experience all of Hong Kong's best bits within one day.

Wan Chai

Pulsating Wan Chai is one the city’s coolest, and most dynamic neighbourhoods, with a heady mix of old and new, and East meets West.

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