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Pilot Scheme for Characteristic Local Tourism Events

Pilot Scheme for Characteristic Local Tourism Events Pilot Scheme for Characteristic Local Tourism Events Pilot Scheme for Characteristic Local Tourism Events

The Hong Kong Tourism Board is now inviting applications for the third round of the one-year Pilot Scheme for Characteristic Local Tourism Events (“Pilot Scheme”) to support tourism activities that showcase Hong Kong’s local characteristics and have the potential to generate good branding for Hong Kong.

The Pilot Scheme provides marketing and promotional funding support for visitor-targeted events that are related to arts, culture, festivals, dining and sports, and embody characteristics that are uniquely Hong Kong, with the aims of diversifying the city’s tourism product offerings; attracting local and overseas media coverage; increasing visitor arrivals; and enhancing visitors’ travel experience in Hong Kong.

The applicant must be a Hong Kong-registered non-profit organisation (i.e. a local bona-fide non-profit organisation, such as sports or non-governmental organisations, arts associations or chambers of commerce) that will host an arts, culture, dining or sports event or a festival (“the Event”) in Hong Kong on one or more days from 1April 2019 to 31 March 2020.

Applicant must be the organiser of the Event, and the proposed Event in the application must:

  1. incorporate Hong Kong’s local characteristics or unique attributes;
  2. attract onsite attendance (including participants, spectators and media) of 7,000 or more, 10% of whom are non-local visitors;
  3. incur a total event budget of no less than HK$3 million (excluding in-kind sponsorship); and
  4. attract local and overseas media coverage; enhance Hong Kong’s international image; create a branding impact; and attract visitors to come to Hong Kong specifically for the event.

How to Apply
Application is closed.

Please refer to the following documents for details:

  1. Guide to Application
  2. Application Form
  3. Assessment Criteria

Contact Us
Applicants may contact the Secretariat at +852 8120 0037 during business hours (9am to 5:30pm from Monday to Friday, except public holidays) or by email at eventsupport@hktb.com for enquiries and assistance.


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