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10 brands to add to your shopping list in Hong Kong

Time Out Hong Kong
  • Written by Time Out Hong Kong

Hailed as a shopping paradise, Hong Kong is home to an extensive array of quality goods — you can find pretty much everything here. As you explore the bustling streets, keep an eye out for the Quality Tourism Services (QTS) stickers on the shop windows. These are badges of honour issued by the Hong Kong Tourism Board to acknowledge merchants that consistently deliver outstanding product quality and service. Bookmark these 10 QTS-accredited local and international brands to elevate your next shopping spree!

Carpenter Tan

1. Carpenter Tan

A good hair day starts with the perfect comb. Founded in 1993, Carpenter Tan is known for its high-quality wooden combs. The brand inherits the expertise and skills passed down through generations and combines more than 40 traditional techniques with modern manufacturing technology to craft combs that provide your hair with the care and attention it deserves. 

For A Change

2. For A Change

Travel back to the 1950s and 60s and explore the city with For A Change’s stylish and elegant cheongsams. This innovative local brand is best known for its cheongsam rental services that cater to different body types and occasions, from bespoke designs to aprons and pet cheongsams. It also hosts a series of workshops, such as cheongsam-making and flower button-crafting.  


3. G.O.D.

G.O.D., which stands for ‘Goods of Desire’, is a homegrown brand that blends Hong Kong and Chinese traditions with modern trends. With humour and creativity, the shop transforms everyday objects into extraordinary pieces. Here you can find different lifestyle, fashion, and home products, including traditional Chinese jackets with a modern hoodie twist, signature prints that capture the city’s vibrant street scenes and culture, as well as graphic slogans and tees that feature popular Cantonese slangs.

MG Military & Outdoor

4. MG Military & Outdoor

If you’re looking for casual clothing, outdoor apparel, tactical gear, or vintage and modern combat uniforms from around the world, check out MG Military & Outdoor for its affordable and diverse selection of high-quality military and outdoor products. The brand also repurposes military surplus materials, such as turning air force jackets into scarves and transforming military camouflage fabrics into stylish crossbody bags.

Paul Lafayet

5. Paul Lafayet

Travel to France with your taste buds by indulging in the exquisite flavours of Paul Lafayet’s artisanal pastries. Standout creations include the classic French crème brûlées, macarons, and crème brûlée tarts. Keep an eye out for the seasonal macarons featuring Hong Kong-inspired flavours such as oolong, sesame, and mandarin.


6. Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban, a renowned international brand, is the top choice for those seeking stylish and functional sunglasses and eyeglasses. The brand provides diverse options, from trendy styles to timeless classics. Its Reverse collection showcases four cutting-edge unisex sunglass designs crafted with innovative astigmatic, prismatic, and resolving technology.



Say goodbye to the long wait of brewing tea using the traditional method. Enjoy a quick, exceptional brew with TEA CHÂTEAU’s revolutionary capsule machine, designed to extract the full spectrum of nutrients and benefits from fine tea ingredients. The brand offers various tea capsule flavours, from the best-selling osmanthus oolong to hojicha and chrysanthemum pu’er. 

The Artisan

8. The Artisan

The Artisan is a contemporary luxury pastry shop renowned for its diverse collection of snacks and pastries, all adorned with creative designs and colourful packaging. Guided by an award-winning culinary team that meticulously selects natural and organic ingredients, the brand’s signature pastries include palmiers made with organic cane sugar and flour, snowy cookies, and an assortment of sweets.



Choose your newest hydration companion at THERMOS, which offers a wide variety of vacuum-insulated products such as vacuum-insulated bottles, food jars and shuttle chefs. Its stylish and functional flasks are crafted with the brand’s vacuum insulation technology. Keep your drink ice-cold or warm, regardless of season. 


10. TINY

Imagine constructing your dream city with miniatures of Hong Kong’s streets, buildings, neon signs and vehicles. The homegrown toy brand TINY aims to preserve Hong Kong’s nostalgia and share the city’s distinct culture with the world through its versatile and diverse designs, created with 3D scanning and printing techniques and complemented by LED lighting. Best-selling models include the ice cream van, tram and Star Ferry toys.

Information in this article is subject to change without advance notice. Please contact the relevant product or service providers for enquiries.

The Hong Kong Tourism Board disclaims any liability as to the quality or fitness for purpose of third party products and services; and makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy, adequacy or reliability of any information contained herein.

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