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Arts in HK with SEA Artists

Hong Kong Tourism Board assembles 18 Southeast Asian artists to celebrate Hong Kong through Art

“Emily & Fufuland in West Kowloon” by Thai artist, Painterbell

Hong Kong Tourism Board brought together 18 diverse artists across Southeast Asia (S.E.A) to create art pieces inspired by perennial icons of Hong Kong. This initiative, “Arts in HK with S.E.A artists” is an extension of the year-long “Arts in Hong Kong” by generating awareness of the city's always-on, diverse experience of arts and culture, and establish Hong Kong as a centre for international arts and cultural exchange.

“Arts in HK with S.E.A artists” campaign will feature artistic talents from the Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. The collection of artwork spans across a spectrum of genres from painting to digital illustration, pottery, embroidery, sand art and more.


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Abel Brata (Cube Artist)

>> View Instagram Reel

Cube art of the iconic Hong Kong skyline.

Apriliyandi Tami (Visual Artist)

>> View Instagram Reel

3D illustration of the iconic Ding Ding Tram in Hong Kong.

Dinda Puspitasari (Fashion illustrator)

>> View Instagram Reel

Illustration of 2 of Hong Kong newest museums – M+ and HK Palace Museum.

Vina Candrawati (Sand Artist)

>> View Instagram Video

Vina’s sand art is inspired by her childhood memories of renting VCR tapes of the Hong Kong series “Return of the Condor Heroes” and her wish of travelling to Hong Kong soon.


Anni Tai (Embroidery Artist)

>> View Instagram Post / Reel

An embroidered piece featuring Hong Kong icons inspired by neon lights.

Chong Fei Giap (Illustrator)

>> View Instagram PostReel

An illustration of iconic Hong Kong landmarks, food and culture

Kendrick Ng (Illustrator)

>> View Instagram PostReel

A Chibi drawing of a Hong Kong bookstore featuring Hong Kong icons

Kent (Illustrator)

>> View Instagram Post / Reel

Inspired by his favourite things in Hong Kong - love most about HK –from the classic Junk boats and Ding Ding trams to new developments in West Kowloon such as the Xiqu Center, Hong Kong Museum of Art (HKMoA) and M+ museum.


Celine Tablinga (Pottery Artist)

>> View Instagram Post / Reel

Inspired by Mahjong and the goldfish market. The Chinese character on the vase symbolises fortune.

Ciara Gan (Painter)

>> View Instagram Post / Reel

Inspired by the rare skill of Mahjong carving and the cultural significance of the game.

Krissie Mateo (Paper Artist)

>> View Instagram Post / Reel

Lifesize paper slippers inspired by Sindart, a traditional slipper embroidery store in Hong Kong. Krissie’s slippers feature old and new Hong Kong cultural icons.

Mela Gonzales (Embroidery Artist)

>> View Instagram Post / Reel

A bodice inspired by Hong Kong’s iconic skyline!


James Lim (Artist)

>> View Instagram Post / Reel

A watercolour painting of some of the arts and culture locations that he would love to visit in Hong Kong. 

Noel Lin (Cake Artist)

>> View Instagram Post

Cake art inspired by the iconic Hong Kong skyline.

Tiffany Tan, Tiffany Lovage (Illustrator)

>> View Instagram Post

An illustration inspired by her love for Hong Kong food and new art venues.


Seatapron Korwanichakul, Painterbell (Digital Artist)

>> View Instagram Post 1 / Post 2 / Post 3 / Post 4

A series of artworks featuring Painterbell and his original characters John, Lulu and friends in Hong Kong.


Thanh Hoàng (Cube Artist)

>> View TikTok Post

Cube art of the iconic Victoria Harbour.

Thủy Tiên (Illustrator)

>> View TikTok Post

Painting of Tai Kwun - Hong Kong's largest art conservation project. With over 170 years of history.

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