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Hong Kong: Through the Looking Glass Miniature Exhibition

“Exquisite, unique and show-stopping!” The Hong Kong: Through the Looking Glass miniature exhibition in Singapore concluded with great fanfare, attracting more than 100,000 visitors during its two-week run in April 2022.

As part of the 25th anniversary celebration of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the exhibition commemorated the city’s sense of identity through miniature masterpieces of the city’s diverse landmarks, including neon signs, trams and authentic delicacies.

The exhibition’s success was testament to the public’s strong affection for Hong Kong and the boundless talent of Hong Kong’s miniature artists, whose creations redefine ideas around perspective, intricacy and beauty. 

A rare glimpse into the intricate life of miniature art. Visitors from all walks of life reminise about their experiences in Hong Kong, sharing memories and stories, and passing them to the younger generation.

Attention to detail is paramount in miniature art as this allows visitors to immerse themselves into a world where their memories and imaginations take over inside the pocket universe.

From minute details along the streets of Hong Kong to unique and exuberant celebration to mouth-watering Cantonese snacks. The level of precision, patience and passion shown by the artists is second to none.

For a truly immersive experience, visitors could join an exclusive clay workshop, where they learn how to create minuature Hong Kong delicacies, such as sorrowful rice (char siu rice), pineapple bun (bolo bun), chee cheung fan (rice rolls) and a variety of dim sum including the beloved har gaw (shrimp dumpling).

Hong Kong Superfans, a community who share a love of all things Hong Kong, were invited to demonstrate their dexterity by making their favourite Hong Kong dish under the guidance of Carmen Poon, President of the Joyful Miniature Association.

“Hong Kong Superfans”, completed their miniature art experience by creating their very own miniature art.

Urban Sketchers Singapore, a local community of artists and enthusiasts dedicated to the practice of on-location drawing, transformed the minuture sculptures into masterpieces of their own through sketch and paint.

Art begets art. Sometimes looking at other art pieces sets your creative juices flowing.

Missed the exhibition? Check out some of our favourite sculptures from the exhibition.

At midnight, the famous bun scrambling event takes place at the island of Cheung Chau where competitors scale a 20 metre tower covered with buns, racing to outdo each other by collecting as many buns possible.

An electric buzz! For three nights every year during the Mid-Autumn Festival, the legendary Tai Hang fire dragon made with over 20,000 incense sticks, measuring 67 meters long shrouds the narrow alleys of neighbourhood.

Located near the pier, the Sai Kung seafood stall sells the freshest catch of the day! From live seafood in giant tanks to groupers and a wide array of shellfish.

Eating at a Dai Pai Dong is a quintessential Hong Kong experience. This no-frills Cantonese street food is best enjoyed with a group of friends.

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