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Around Asia in 6 restaurants in Hong Kong

  • Written by TOPick

As an international city and a melting pot of cultures, Hong Kong offers diverse dining options from around the globe — that means you can easily ‘travel’ the world with your taste buds! Need some ideas for your gourmet journey in Hong Kong? Start with these six QTS-accredited restaurants to enjoy our city’s vibrant nightlife and food scene with your friends.

Ma Thai 

1. Ma Thai: Malaysian and Thai delights

For a taste of Malaysian and Thai cuisine, look no further than Ma Thai in Causeway Bay. With ingredients handpicked from Malaysia and Thailand and a touch of local flavours, expect unique renditions of popular Asian delicacies, such as Hainanese boneless chicken rice, Singaporean bak kut teh (pork rib soup), and Malaysian laksa with mixed noodles. The nourishing bak kut soup base, in particular, is meticulously crafted with Chinese angelica, liquorice root and traditional Chinese herbs to re-energise you. Also on the menu is laeng saeb (spicy Thai pork bone soup) — from the lively night markets of Thailand — and don’t forget to try the homemade Southeast Asian sambal sauce on your plate.

Mini Bangkok Seafood and Grill

2. Mini Bangkok Seafood and Grill: authentic Thai-Chinese cuisine

Mini Bangkok Seafood and Grill is run by a Thai-Chinese family alongside a team of chefs from Thailand. The dining experience features not only carefully handpicked premium Thai ingredients and fresh, locally sourced produce, but also live music and outdoor seating that recreate the exuberant ambience of a bustling Thai street market. Dig into a delightful fusion of flavours from the Southeast Asian Country and Hong Kong, such as Thai-style fin soup in clay pot, fried mud crabs with Thai curry, steamed perch with chilli and lemon sauce, spicy Tom Yam soup with shrimp wonton, Angus beef short ribs with tamarind sauce, and more.

MIKURA by city’super

3. MIKURA by city’super: Japanese culinary artistry

Combining masterful culinary skills and high-quality natural ingredients, MIKURA, the first Japanese restaurant by city’super, serves up healthy dishes and Japanese-style hotpots paired with premium regional saké from Japan. Exclusive ingredients include freshly-made Hakataya soy milk products, A5 Grade Otome Ushi cattle beef, Kayanoya’s century-old dashi soup stock and RF1’s healthy salad. Don’t miss house specials like the MIKURA Steam Pot with A5 Grade Otome Ushi cattle beef (reared for 30 months), shimeji and maitake mushrooms, served with a tangy yuzu dipping sauce. 

Jo Jo Indian Cuisine

4. Jo Jo Indian Cuisine: North and South Indian delicacies with a twist

Established in 1985, Jo Jo Indian Cuisine has made a name for itself as the go-to place for authentic North and South Indian cuisine. The restaurant’s signature dishes feature samosa for vegans, panipuri, Kashmiri Rogan Josh, butter chicken, garlic-flavoured naan and masala dosa — all blending traditional techniques and fresh ingredients to create tantalising, authentic Indian flavours. Besides traditional Indian cuisine, the restaurant also offers innovative Indo-Chinese dishes, as well as bespoke menus upon special requests.  

Akam Laksa

5. Akam Laksa: nostalgic Nanyang flavours

Made with authentic cooking techniques and recipes from Malaysia, Akam Laksa’s Southeast Asian dishes delight the eyes, nose and palate all at once. Its popular laksa soup is made with fresh prawns, crispy squid and other ingredients, served in a rich coconut-based broth. Buttered Kaya Toast is another must-try. The crispy brown toast, topped with a creamy blend of melted butter and Kaya jam, is best enjoyed with a cup of soothing tea. The restaurant uses mild spices to adapt to local tastes. Families will love the ‘Local Meal’ with an array of Hong Kong-style options like steamed fish, soy sauce chicken and other home-style dishes.

Chatterbox Express

6. Chatterbox Express: a legendary Singaporean feast

Back in 1971, Chatterbox Cafe opened its doors in the Mandarin Orchard Hotel Singapore — now known as the Hilton Singapore Orchard — as the first restaurant to present hawker fare in a luxurious hotel setting. Fast forward a few decades, the legendary restaurant hoisted its flag in Hong Kong in 2020 with the opening of Chatterbox Express, bringing its signature Mandarin Chicken Rice and other beloved Singaporean delicacies to our city. Today, Executive Chef Liew Tian Heong continues to breathe new life into recipes while still following traditional cooking techniques to prepare the famed Mandarin Chicken Rice. Served with plump and fragrant rice, the chicken is cooked in an aromatic stock and is slowly steamed until it’s tender. Enjoy it with homemade chilli sauce, dark soy sauce or minced ginger for the perfect tasting experience.

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