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I’m Sorry. I didn’t get that.

I’m Sorry. I didn’t get that.

Phrase sheet

A quick reference sheet for Muslim visitors to communicate religious and dietary requirements

ENG: Does this restaurant offer non-pork and alcohol-free dishes*?
*Food containing absolutely no pork, bacon, or other pork-derived ingredients, including sausages, lard, gelatin, shortening, or emulsifier, nor alcohol or alcohol-derived ingredients.

CHI: 這間餐廳提供不含豬肉及酒精的食品*嗎?

  • Yes 有
  • No 沒有


ENG: Does this restaurant offer vegetarian dishes?

CHI: 這間餐廳提供素食嗎?

  • Yes 有
  • No 沒有


ENG: Can this restaurant make dishes alcohol-free?

CHI: 如菜式本身含酒精,可以特別處理、不加酒精嗎?

  • Yes 可以
  • No 不可以


ENG: Does this restaurant provide disposable plates and chopsticks?

CHI: 這間餐廳提供即用即棄的碗筷嗎?

  • Yes 有
  • No 沒有


ENG: Does this restaurant store ingredients separately so that food for Muslims is not mixed with food for others? And are cooking and eating utensils kept separately?

CHI: 這間餐廳提供給回教徒及非回教徒的食品是否分開存放及處理?兩者的煮食器具及餐具是否分開處理?

  • Yes 是
  • No 否

ENG: Is there a mosque nearby? If so, please show me how to get there.

CHI: 附近有清真寺嗎?如有,請告訴我前往方式。

  • Yes, there is a mosque nearby and we can tell you how to get there.
  • No, there is no mosque in the vicinity.
  • 附近有清真寺,我們可以告訴您如何前往。
  • 附近沒有清真寺。


ENG: Are there any prayer rooms in this building? If so, please show me where.

CHI: 這座大廈有祈禱室嗎?如有,請告訴我如何前往。

  • Yes 有
  • No 沒有

Download the PDF version here.

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