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An easy coastal bike ride from Sha Tin to Wu Kai Sha

  • Written by HK Discovery
Sha Tin to Wu Kai Sha

Photo Credit: HK Discovery

Average cycling time: Less than 2 hours | Distance: About 8 km | Difficulty: Easy

This is a shorter version of the Sha Tin to Tai Mei Tuk route. Instead of heading for Tai Po from Twin Bridge in Sha Tin, continue along the eastern shore of Tolo Harbour into Ma On Shan New Town. Conclude your ride with a view of the sunset at Wu Kai Sha Beach and Public Pier — a relatively short route, but scenic all the same.

Shing Mun River

Photo Credit: Karma Lo

Stop 1: Shing Mun River

Head to the Shing Mun River from Sha Tin or Tai Wai.


Twin Bridge

Photo Credit : HK Discovery

Stop2: ‘Twin Bridge’

After arriving at the Twin Bridge, do not cross it but ride straight on.

Ma On Shan Promenade

Photo Credit : HK Discovery

Stop 3: Ma On Shan Promenade

Coastal new town Ma On Shan is well planned and pleasant. Its residents enjoy relaxing at the promenade, which embraces the vast Tolo Harbour. With a total length of 3.2 km, there is a jogging trail, playground and fitness station in addition to the cycling track, with plenty of washrooms and drinking fountains.

Ma On Shan Park

Photo Credit : HK Discovery

Stop 4: Ma On Shan Park

This large park not only offers playgrounds and kiosks, but also extensive lawns for a nice break and a waterfront viewing platform. (You may bring your bike inside, but cycling is not allowed within the park.)

Wu Kai Sha Public Pier

Photo Credit : HK Discovery

Stop 5: Wu Kai Sha Public Pier

At the end of the promenade, an elegant beach emerges. Have a well-earned rest and enjoy the sea breeze at the pier.

There is a food kiosk at Ma On Shan Park.

Getting to the Shing Mun River:

  • Starting from Tai Wai: Bike rental shops are available just opposite Exit A of MTR Tai Wai Station. After renting the bike, ride along the cycling tracks towards the Shing Mun River.
  • Starting from Sha Tin: From MTR Sha Tin Station Exit A, walk to the Shing Mun River via New Town Plaza and Sha Tin Park. Rent a bike at the bike pavilions in the park.

Leaving from Ma on Shan or Sha Tin:

  • After returning your bike at Ma On Shan, leave by MTR Tuen Ma Line; or,
  • ride back to Sha Tin following the same route. After returning your bike there, leave by MTR.
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