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Hong Kong — the perfect pre- or post-cruise destination

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Endless shopping and dining options, an East-meets-West culture, a diverse range of attractions, a world-renowned skyline… All of these make Hong Kong the perfect place to start or end a cruise.   

Why not make the most of your time here by doing some sightseeing? Whether you’re a foodie seeking a memorable dining experience, a nature lover who wants to see beautiful landscapes and the great outdoors, or a culture enthusiast who loves exploring the local culture, arts and history, Hong Kong has it all!

A variety of cruise ships available  

With your land itinerary sorted, you can relax on some of the world’s most luxurious cruise ships and put all worries behind you. There is a variety of cruise ships that offer itineraries to start and end your journey in Hong Kong, from large vessels with an array of on-board facilities to small luxury cruise ships with deluxe amenities, impeccable services and a highly personalised travel experience.


Cruise lines offering cruises to/from Hong Kong 

With Hong Kong’s prime location in Asia, you can sail conveniently to or from Asia’s most exotic and vibrant destinations. 


Visit the cruise lines’ websites to plan your stay in Hong Kong before or after your cruise trip.

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